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Amazing! Doctors Make Cancer Disappear Completely in Only 3 Weeks' Time

Amazing! Doctors Make Cancer Disappear Completely in Only 3 Weeks' Time

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What you read is 100% true.

The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a study where 53% of Melanoma patients saw their tumors reduced by 80% or more in the course of their treatment.

One woman saw a large tumor under her breast disappear completely in just 3 weeks time.

The study followed 142 women. It centered around the uses of two FDA-approved melanoma drugs, Yervoy (ipilimumab) and Opdivo (nivolumab).  As Justine Alford wrote,  “The former works by interfering with a molecule that can switch off a type of cancer-fighting immune cell called a T-cell, whereas the latter blocks a pathway that can lead to the death of T-cells. Although they act in different ways, both drugs ultimately stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells.”

At random, the subjects were administered two different treatments. One group was given Yervoy and Opdivo. The other was only given Yervoy and a placebo.

Those who received Yervoy and Opdivo were the ones who saw the most dramatic results.

What they discovered during the study was nothing short of remarkable.

53% of the subjects who received the combination treatment saw at least 80% reduction of their tumors. At the end of the study, 22% of the subjects in the combination group had melanoma tumors that were undetectable by the end of the study.

Those who were in the group receiving both Yervoy and the placebo did not have the same results.

The trial has now been extended so patients who suffer from advanced melanoma might be able to benefit from the combination.

This is how the 49-year-old woman who saw her cancer disappear managed to achieve those results.

“According to a case report [by Live Science], the 49-year-old had undergone both surgery and chemotherapy to treat melanoma over a period of four years,”  Alford notes.

Alford continues, “Although she had several tumors removed, the disease was persistent and five months ago she developed a large mass under her left breast, which was presumed to have spread from the primary melanoma on her back.”

“She was given a single dose of the new combination therapy, but when she returned for her second just three weeks later, she reported that her tumor had “disappeared”. Alongside the obvious hole in her chest, CT scans confirmed that the large tumor had been completely eradicated. While such a rapid and dramatic response may sound desirable, the researchers have expressed concerns since, if this were to happen to a tumor elsewhere in the body, such as the bowel or heart, it could have grave consequences.”

These results are quite encouraging to read.

One thing you should know is Vitamin K-2 is also a great supplement for it’s anti-cancer properties.

The Life Extension Foundation noted how Vitamin K-2 can help fight cancer. They write,  ”In 2007, scientists identified specific anticancer mechanisms for vitamin K-2, including inhibition of proinflammatory nuclear factor-kappa B (NFkB) that is often over-expressed in cancer cells. Tumor cells use proinflammatory factors to develop survival mechanisms that thwart conventional attempts to eradicate them.”

Which is why Vitamin K-2 may turn out to be an important part in the fight against cancer.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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