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Eat Fat For Better Bone Health

Eat Fat For Better Bone Health

In my most recent article I discussed how important improving blood sugar is for bone health.

If you need a refresher, you can click here where it’s live on the blog.

Evidence shows if you keep your sugar levels under control it helps protect bone health.

In that previous article I gave you two options for keeping blood sugar under control.

Take berberine, one of the best supplements in the world for improving blood sugar and eat a breakfast that’s high in fat.

Discover How Eating Fat Helps Boost Bone Health

Eating a meal high in fat and low in carbs is known as eating a ketogenic meal.

And it’s called a ketogenic meal because it’s part of a ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has quickly become one of the most popular diets in recent memory because research shows it’s one of the best ways to eat if you want to improve your health.

And not only does eating a ketogenic breakfast help keep blood sugar under control and improve bone health… ketogenic diets are also shown to help you lose weight, improve cardiovascular function, boost brain health and much more.

But, since this email is all about bone health, I’ll spend my time focusing on how the ketogenic diet helps to boost bone health.

And as my most recent article was all about how improving blood sugar is linked to better bone health I’d like to show you how the ketogenic diet helps improve blood sugar.  

First, let’s analyze what a ketogenic diet looks like.

While the foods you eat following a ketogenic diet will vary, the typical breakdown for nutrient makeup is as follows.

Your breakfast should be:

  • 75% fat
  • 20% protein
  • 5% carbohydrates (this includes breads, fruits, juice etc.)

The reason to eat high fat and low carbs is simply a process of biology.

When you eat high amounts of carbohydrates (carbs are sugar) in the morning, your body burns the carbs for fuel.

It does this by converting carbs into blood sugar.

When you eat those carbs and they’re turned into blood sugar the amount of sugar in your blood is quite high.

For most people they actually eat too many carbohydrates at breakfast (and throughout the day) that blood sugar levels never balance back to normal and are never brought under control, resulting in high blood sugar.

To keep blood sugar under control you want to start your day off with low blood sugar. And avoiding carbohydrates helps keep blood sugar low.

On the opposite spectrum, when you eat mainly fat, your body switches to burning fat for fuel.

That means no more carbs for fuel and no morning blood sugar spike.

 >>> Biologically your body prefers fat for fuel.

The entire process of converting your body into a fat-burning machine is called “ketosis.”

Now that whole ketogenic diet thing is making sense, right?

Here’s how the ketogenic diet, or even a ketogenic meal, works.

Ketones Are What Your Body Actually Burns For Fuel (And Help Improve Blood Sugar)

When you eat high amounts of healthy, dietary fat, it forces your body to switch from using blood glucose for energy…

To using something called ketones instead.

And when you’re using ketones for energy instead of glucose, it’s almost impossible not to have perfect blood sugar.

Once your body is in ketosis (aka fat-burning mode) it breaks down the fat into molecules called ketones.

What’s remarkable is when your body is fueled by ketones…

It doesn’t need blood glucose to perform normal functions.

However, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates and use carbs for fuel the exact opposite happens.

Your body converts the carbohydrates into sugar, and when those sugars invade your bloodstream it has an effect on blood sugar.

So, all of this again is why you start your day off eating breakfast with a lot of fat and very little carbs, helping keep blood sugar under control.

Quick Tips For Maintaining a Ketogenic Diet

If you’re interested in how eating a high fat breakfast and the ketogenic diet can help to keep your bones nice and healthy I suggest taking a look at this article I wrote.

If you’re already convinced you’d like to try eating a high fat breakfast or want to try a full-on ketogenic diet I suggest the following.

Use the Ketox Shake as your fat-heavy breakfast, or as a meal replacement during the day.

The Ketox Shake is a delicious, “fully keto” meal replacement shake. It gives you the precise blend of fat, protein and carbs needed to help you maintain ketosis and keep your blood sugar under control.

Plus it’s 100% vegan and contains a mix of antioxidant superfruits that’ll energize your cells and help them fight off free radicals.

In addition to the Ketox Shake I suggest using ketone strips to monitor your blood sugar levels.

Ketone strips tell you how many ketones you’re making (which is a sign your blood sugar is under control) and lets you know if you’re burning fat optimally.

They’re easy to use and will help keep you on track for improving blood sugar.

To pick either of these up just click the images below and add them to you cart.

If you want to save a bit extra on the ketone strips we have them in combo packs.


Talk soon,


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