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How IV Glutathione Could Protect You From Deadly Killers

How IV Glutathione Could Protect You From Deadly Killers

If you’re like the vast majority of patients who walk into our office the idea of having one of our awesome nurses and phlebotomists stick you with a needle isn’t exactly appealing.

No one really likes needles.

Not even people who are tattooed from head to toe.

Ok, now that I’ve stated the obvious I want to tell you why I think you (and I) should inject something known as IV glutathione into your body.

The main reason as I’ll describe is IV glutathione might be one of the most potent therapies known to man for all over-protection from toxins.

Plus, and this is a BIG plus, our staff makes therapies like this virtually painless and I know for a fact most people who get IVs in our infusion suite return over and over again since the entire process feels like a walk in the park.

Only with a tiny needle prick to start.

If you’ve ever thought about visiting our infusion suite, or are concerned about toxic build up in your body then you’ll want to check out this article (and schedule an appointment).

Why Would Anyone Need IV Glutathione?

Now here’s the thing about glutathione, and IV glutathione in particular.

Not everyone needs IV glutathione.

But everyone needs glutathione.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps to increase the antioxidant activity of other antioxidants.

I know, that’s a mouthful.

Your body makes glutathione out of three amino acids, which include cysteine, glutamate, and glycine.

In theory, if you eat enough foods with those “ingredients” you’d never have an issue with a glutathione deficiency.

The problem for many Americans is the increased exposure to environmental toxins has either depleted glutathione levels or prevented glutathione production from taking place on schedule.

What we’ve discovered and continue to observe in our office is far more people suffer from toxic overload than I believe anyone could imagine.

And it’s not just exposure to environmental toxins like household chemicals and car pollution that present some very real problems.

As I mentioned in an article about mold toxicity, millions of Americans likely suffer from exposure to biotoxins to mold varieties like Ochratoxin, Mycophenolic Acid, and Aflatoxin.

This creates a toxin conflagration that’s almost guaranteed to lead to the development of any number of health problems. From non-life threatening conditions like fatigue, headaches, and weight management issues to more serious conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, auto-immune disease and insulin resistance.

Again, in theory, if you had enough glutathione circulating throughout your body then all of these toxins wouldn’t be a problem since glutathione could purge your body without issue.

The reason glutathione is so effective is because toxins bind to it which allows your body to then eliminate them through the urine and the bowels.

This is why we commonly recommend for people to take liposomal glutathione, or NAC (a precursor to glutathione) to help optimize levels.

Generally, following those steps is enough for the average person with low levels of toxins to support their natural detoxification process.

However, if a person has an extremely high toxin burden, they might not be able to wait that long to improve glutathione levels, and in some cases, may never see results.

That’s where IV glutathione is so helpful.

When we perform an IV glutathione infusion we get glutathione directly into your blood.

This is a big deal because the traditional way of boosting glutathione, taking it orally, requires glutathione to transfer through the gut. As glutathione passes through the gut only a fractional amount is absorbed and then utilized for detoxification.

The rest ends up being wasted.

When IV glutathione is absorbed right into your blood it’s able to bypass the gut and your body uses it in the most effective way possible. Once in the blood it supports your liver and kidney’s ability to neutralize toxins and expunge them once and for all.

How to Know if IV Glutathione Is Right For You

If you’re not concerned with suffering from an extreme toxic burden, and simply want to intensify how well your body uses glutathione (or boost glutathione levels) then I’d suggest oral glutathione, liposomal glutathione or even NAC.

However, I believe that most people with chronic health issues they just can’t solve could benefit from IV glutathione.

For instance, we’ve dealt with dozens of patients who have normal thyroid levels who can’t seem to lose weight struggle because high levels of toxins interfere with thyroid receptors.

The two ways we were able to tell those patients would benefit from IV glutathione is having them take a test that assess for environmental toxins and mold toxins (mycotoxins) an also by using a test that analyzes glutathione blood levels. 

In our office we use the following tests:

            1) Great Plains Laboratory - GPL Myco-Tox

            2) Vibrant Labs Mycotoxin Screen 

The GPL Myco-Tox is a good place to start and is a little less expensive and the Vibrant Mycotoxin Screen is the most comprehensive mold test that we have available.

The second way to test is to actually perform a “total glutathione test” which assesses a person’s glutathione levels.

With these two tests in hand you can figure out if you’d benefit from glutathione in IV form.

The good news is most people who take IV glutathione benefit from it.

In our clinical experience it only takes a couple months and just a few sessions of IV glutathione to improve levels.

When people are low on glutathione and have notable issues with acute toxic overwhelm glutathione seems to improve how they feel.

Most of our patients report that after their IV glutathione session are finished they have improved energy, feel sharper and more alert, have far fewer headaches, and even lose weight!


Talk soon,

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