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The Reasons I Don’t Worry About the Flu

As a physician, you would think I worry about the flu. For many doctors, this time of year, their offices are filled with people who believe they are suffering from the flu. And, while I certainly don’t want to get the flu or don’t want my patients to get the flu, I’m generally not worried about it. Curious why? Well, for one reason, most of our patients in the practice just don’t get the flu.  I do not know the exact statistics, but sometimes we joke this time of year saying, “where are all of the sick patients?”  Maybe it is because of our incredible Flu Prevention Protocol. Flu is also not as prevalent as you might think. The term “flu” is kind...

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A Plant so Powerful It Can Stop Bullets

At some point in your life, you’ve likely heard of something referred to as being “bulletproof.” There’s bulletproof glass, bulletproof vests, you might have even heard of bulletproof coffee (coffee with grassfed butter instead of cream). The term bulletproof means that something is so powerful it can deflect harmful “bullets” when they’re shot at it. If you think the title of this article is misleading, let me explain. There’s an herb that’s been used for thousands of years that has been known to deflect some of the more harmful ”bullets” found in nature. These bullets include stress, fatigue, free-radicals, and other antagonists that can get you sick…or worse…straight-up kill you. Another way plants can be bulletproof is, if someone shot at...

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Detox Series Access

Here are the Detox Series Articles that you requested.  Enjoy!! Part 1: Is Detoxing Overrated? Part 2: All About Detoxification Part 3: 9 Secrets To Easy Detox Revealed

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