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The Poor Kids

The Poor Kids

Being as this is 2020, and the pandemic has ruined everyone’s life, I thought I’d write about the poor kids.
Now, I’m speaking a bit tongue in cheek here.
I do feel bad for children having to endure the loss of friendships and being forced to stay at home to do schoolwork.
Fortunately, the good news in all of this is children don’t need to worry much about COVID19; not nearly as much as those who are over 60 and/or have pre-existing health conditions do.
However, it’s still a good idea to help support children’s immune systems during the fall and winter months as the likelihood of a seasonal cold infecting them is still pretty high.
Today I’m going to cover a few things parents and grandparents can give children in order to help support their immune health.
My wife Emily and I have been working on children’s specific products for years and we believe the combination of some of these products as well as other all-natural supplements can help bolster a healthy immune system.
So, without further ado, let me show you a handful of things you can give your kids to help them keep the sniffles (and worse) away over the next few months.

5 Things All Children Can Use to Stay Well This Year

Children, like adults, always do best when provided with the right amount of nutrients needed for immune health.
And while parents are quick to give kids vitamin C (and rightfully so), there are other vitamins that are just as important for staying well.
One of them is a vitamin many kids simply don’t get enough of… and the other is one they get far less of during the cold winter months.
1 - Vitamin K-2 & D3 Drops:
Vitamin K-2 is essential for human health, but as I’ve written about for years now, the deficiencies in our modern diet are staggering. That’s why supplementing with it at any age is a great idea.
On top of that, it’s incredibly beneficial for immune health.
When combined with vitamin D-3 (a necessary assistant in helping maximize bone strength and density) it does wonders for keeping the immune system in top form.
You see, vitamin D-3 is another unsung hero in the area of immune health.
In the journal Nutrients study authors wrote the following about how vitamin D-3 may influence immune function.
“Vitamin D metabolizing enzymes and vitamin D receptors are present in many cell types including various immune cells such as antigen-presenting-cells, T cells, B cells and monocytes. In vitro data show that, in addition to modulating innate immune cells, vitamin D also promotes a more tolerogenic immunological status. In vivo data from animals and from human vitamin D supplementation studies have shown beneficial effects of vitamin D on immune function, in particular in the context of autoimmunity.”
Kids could benefit deeply from taking it on a daily basis and you can get our combo K-2 D3 drops here from our store.
2 - Increase Their Relaxation Levels:
We like to think of children as being incredibly resilient, especially to the effects of stress. But kids are just like us, in that, when they get hit with gobs of stress it can weaken their immune system significantly.
Part of the reasons children get sick at school and in daycare isn’t just the exposure to germs, but the result of being in a stressful environment. When the human body is constantly stressed it produces fewer germ-fighting white blood cells than normal, and as you can guess that means the risk of getting sick goes up.
Well, with everything that’s going on right now, stress levels for children are at all-time high. So, do what you can to help them destress. From teaching them to take slow, deep breaths when they’re not feeling well, to encouraging them to exercise to increase hormones needed to deal with the effects of stress.
3 - Give them Magnesium:  
Another favorite ingredient of mine for dealing with immune function is magnesium.
Again, children need this desperately as it relates specifically to healthy development. And, because of the changes in the modern diet, a lot of kids today aren’t supplied with healthy magnesium intake. 
This easy-drinking magnesium supplement does wonders for children when it comes to rest and relaxation. But it will also help with keeping them well when bad bugs are floating around.
As Marquee Medical writes: “Magnesium keeps the immune system stay strong, helps strengthen muscles and bones, and supports many body functions from cardiac functions to brain functions. This is also a key hormone regulator for women. Low magnesium levels can contribute to PMS and menopausal symptoms. Magnesium is found in avocados, green leafy vegetables, almonds, brown rice, and soy or tofu.”
Dietary sources are encouraged, but if you want to top them off (and help your children get regular and restorative nights of sleep) our magnesium powder could certainly help.
4 - Keep Them Away From Antibiotics As Best You Can:
Antibiotics are necessary, at times, but far too many parents want their doctor to load them on antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle, or a cut.
As best you and your physician can, try to avoid giving your kids antibiotics.
These medicines may actually lower immune performance in the long run as they have the potential to wipe out probiotics in the gut. Even the CDC believes that antibiotic use is getting out of hand as their estimates are that at least 30 percent of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary.
The truth of the matter is many children would do well to have their immune systems tested more frequently, as the testing of immune response actually helps to create a stronger immune system in the long run.
We’re doing our kids no favors throwing doses of antibiotics at the mere sight of a cold and if you want your children to be resilient in the future, this is some advice you could consider.
5 - Give Them a Multivitamin:
A multivitamin is one the more effective supplements a kid can take as it gives them loads of nutrients they should get from their diet.
Obviously, you’d love to not have to give your kid a multivitamin, but many kids are picky eaters - or, they fill themselves up with junk food instead of healthy food.
And these things could interfere with their health.
If you want to give your child an added boost of nutrients, or know their diet isn’t as healthy as it could be… try adding this to their routine: Raise Them Well Children's Chewable Multivitamin.
It tastes great and has 0 harmful ingredients - along with supplying all kinds of top-shelf ingredients that are proven to be useful for optimal health.

Conquer This Flu and Cold Season

The truth is, this flu and cold season will be very different, and very much the same, as any other season.
I’d suggest just preparing for it knowing that kids will be kids, and there’s not nearly as much to worry about as the media says.
You can add any of these products today by using the links below.
Talk soon,

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