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The secret Vitamin K-2 truths

Medical Warning For Seniors
If You're a Senior Using the #1 Dr. Recommended Treatment for Stronger Bones
You May Have Caused MAJOR Damage to Your Heart…
Find Out If You're Using It Below
Terrible news for seniors across America.

In what can only be one of the biggest medical blunders in history…

Newly released evidence confirms doctors and health authorities have unknowingly been putting millions of seniors' heart health in serious jeopardy.


They've been telling their patients if they don't use a certain treatment to help strengthen their bones...
They'll never be able to heal -  or protect their aging bones.

And they tell them they'll suffer disturbing consequences as a result.

This is why an estimated 70 million Americans (and roughly 95% of seniors) use it daily.

Fact is this treatment is quite dangerous.

And as I'm about to show you, the reason why is there's an unfortunate and deadly problem linked with the world's #1 treatment for bone health.

A problem so severe that using it skyrockets the chances you'll develop serious heart problems…and may one day suffer a deadly heart attack.
Sadly, most doctors believe patients have to use this treatment.

And because of this everyone (including you) thinks this treatment is the best way to heal and protect bones.

Tragically, this means misinformation about this treatment is everywhere.

Which is why 1 in 2 American adults use this treatment daily.
And this could be 100% fatal.

 Let me be crystal clear...whether you use this treatment or not.

What I'm about to show you could save your life, or the life of a loved one.

In just a minute, I’ll show you exactly what this treatment is… the unfortunate reason why doctors  still recommend it...

And I'll show you the all-natural and 100% risk-free-way to strengthen bones THAT ALSO DOUBLES as one of the most powerful heart protecting agents ever discovered.

But before you see this critical message, let me prove why I’m uniquely qualified to give you this life-changing information.
Discover Why a Renegade Doctor Is Warning Americans
To NEVER Use This Bone Treatment Again
My name is Dr. Weston Saunders.

I’m a partner at Robinhood Integrative Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina - which is one of the fastest growing integrative clinics in the nation. 

In the past few years I've come to be regarded as a medical authority trusted by millions of Americans.
Because I’ve worked tirelessly to bring the latest medical breakthroughs to people like you, I’ve appeared on networks like CBS, NBC, FOX News and even on popular TV shows like The Doctors, and more.
I graduated from the Wake Forest School of Medicine, one of the nation’s most prestigious medical universities, where I was inducted into the Medical Honor Society.
I also co-founded Health As It Ought To Be, a growing supplement company shaking up the supplement industry thanks to low prices on ultra-pure products. 
Every single day, thousands of Americans read my weekly newsletter to get expert advice on how to dramatically improve their health.
And patients travel hundreds of miles to see me because of the life-changing care I provide them.
Today, my schedule is booked 6-18 months out depending on why people need to see me.

And today I'm going to share a shocking but true message about how America's most popular supplement won't do what your doctor thinks it will do...

And may actually do catastrophic damage to your heart.
The Strange Reason Why the #1 Treatment For Bone Health
Simply Doesn't Work (and may prematurely age your heart)
Like most physicians, one of the things most of my patients over age 55 fear is their bones losing strength as they age.

They know that weak bones will make a life they once loved turn terrible over time with agonizing pain, frequent hospitalizations and a loss of freedom.

This is why patients constantly ask me what they can do to keep their bones as strong as they were in their youth.   
For years I told them if they followed the traditional medical advice to strengthen bones they'd be fine.

So my patients did what I told them...things which you probably do daily too.
>> They did light exercise 
>> They drank fortified juices or milk  
>> Plus, they took the recommended dose of vitamin D
And most importantly of all?
They blindly trusted me (and other doctors) when I told them never to forget using the #1 treatment for bone health daily.

But none of this worked.

I could tell based on patient tests results in my office. And I could see this was true by analyzing national health data showing just how weak millions of seniors' bones truly were.

Then 3 years ago I discovered why the top treatment recommended by all doctors to heal and protect bones was absolutely useless.

Not only was it useless.

It was potentially damaging their cardiovascular system at the same time.
So Why Couldn’t Patients Who Used This Treatment
Make Their Bones Stronger?
Frustrated that I couldn't fix my patient's failing bone strength, I launched an investigation why this was happening.

It wasn't long until I noticed something odd.

Whenever I checked my patients' bone density I noticed despite the fact that they religiously followed my instructions... their bones were crumbling over time.

Stranger yet, most all of them were developing similar issues with their hearts.

In medical school we’d always been taught things like exercise and calcium supplements were vital for strong bones.

No one questioned it.
And why would they?

If medical schools and health authorities said it works, then it should work, right?
But when I observed that my patients couldn't build stronger bones by taking calcium and exercising…

I knew something was wrong.

When I started to investigate further I noticed something odd.

  •  Many of my patients struggled to perform even basic physical activities because of stress on the heart
  •  A large number of them gradually developed stiffer veins and arteries 
  •  And far too many developed weak heart muscles 
This set off major alarm bells for me.
I frantically scoured medical journals to see what was going on. 
What I found didn’t just upset me, it totally contradicted everything I’d been told was true about strong bones and heart health! 
I learned what many of my patients were experiencing wasn’t just an unusual anomaly.  
It was happening to millions of people worldwide.  
I became distraught. I wondered what other medical advice we were giving people that was not only flat-out wrong, but dangerous.   
But that all changed when I stumbled across a study I believed could save thousands, if not millions of lives. 
That study, along with many others, has helped form the very important message I have for you today...
The Scary Reason Why You Should Never Take Calcium Again
The #1 treatment for stronger bones is taking a calcium supplement.

And you need to stop taking it immediately.

Why would I stop taking calcium supplements?” you might ask me.

Isn’t calcium important for stronger bones?” 
I used to think so.   
Almost all doctors believe it’s true.
And yet it’s probably some of the worst advice imaginable. 
Unfortunately, taking a calcium supplement for bone health is about as common-sense as taking Tylenol for a headache.  
In the past 30-some years, calcium has become one of the top 5 most recommended supplements in the world. 
And that’s what’s so disturbing about this whole ordeal. 
Calcium supplements have been shown to negatively affect our health! 
Even Though People Are Taking More Calcium Than Ever…
Evidence Shows It Doesn't Work!
In medical school every doctor learns a few things about calcium.
  •  Bones and teeth are made almost entirely of calcium.
  •  99% of the calcium in your body is in your bones and teeth 
These well-known facts are why doctors recommend calcium supplements for stronger bones.
Those facts are also why, over the past few years, the doses doctors recommend have kept climbing.

But as I observed, science shows = more calcium does not equal stronger bones.

One of the first studies I saw was by Harvard University.
In the study, published in the Harvard Medical Health Letter, researchers followed 72,337 older women for 18 years and observed what they ate and how strong their bones were.

They concluded, “Neither milk nor a high-calcium diet appears to reduce risk.”
Strangely, doctors ignored this conclusion and kept recommending higher calcium dosages based on the simplistic reasoning that since our bones are made from calcium, we need more.
When the British Journal of Medicine declared “people over 50 don’t get stronger bones by taking supplements,” doctors ignored this too and recommended even more calcium. 
In fact, the recommended daily calcium intake has climbed higher and higher despite science proving calcium’s ineffectiveness as a supplement!
  • 20 years ago 500 mg of calcium was the “perfect” dosage for strong bones.  
  •  10 years ago it went up 1,000 mg of calcium… 
  •  Now it’s quite normal to see 1,500 mg - 2,000 mg of calcium as the recommended daily dose… 
And now that you know how much calcium we’re taking, you’re going to make the connection I made 3 years ago.
Even though we’re taking more calcium than ever… 
People’s bones won’t get any stronger.  No matter how much calcium they take.    
In fact, a prestigious medical journal focusing on bone health predicts that by 2050 the worldwide incidence of severe bone problems in men is projected to increase by 310% and 240% in women, compared to rates in 1990.
So what’s going on here? 
How can calcium intake be that high... while American bone health gradually deteriorates?
There’s Simple But Little-Known Reason
Calcium Supplements Don’t Make Stronger Bones
40-some years ago, when doctors first started recommending calcium supplements, they didn’t think about how where all that extra calcium went in our bodies.

Most just assumed that calcium was used to strengthen bones and teeth since calcium is the primary building block of bones and teeth.

But as I sat there, staring at the evidence, I concluded calcium does not make a simple one-stop trip to your bones.

If it did, my patients would have bones stronger than steel with the amount of calcium they were taking.

But my patients were walking around with bones that were no stronger than when they first came to see me.

Even worse, it doesn’t matter whether you take calcium carbonate or calcium citrate… the results are the same: No improvement.

So I asked myself, “Where is all the calcium really going?”
That’s when I noticed an unexpected correlation.
The people who were following their doctor’s advice and taking calcium were gradually developing stiff arteries at the same time.  
Even Johns Hopkins University, one of most respected hospitals in the world, seemed to notice it when they wrote. 
“After analyzing 10 years of medical tests on more than 2,700 people in a federally funded heart disease study, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and elsewhere conclude that taking calcium in the form of supplements may raise the risk...of arterial stiffness damage
But they had no idea why. 
Which got me wondering how calcium supplements affect cardiovascular health.  
That single question lingered for some time and would finally lead to my “Eureka” moment where I’d discover exactly why calcium supplements are so dangerous. 
How a Trip to Home Depot…
Helped Me Discover How Calcium Harms Your Circulatory System
One day I took a trip to Home Depot to get a few bags of concrete for a small project at my home.
As I sat there in line, bags of concrete in my shopping cart, I absentmindedly stared down at the yellow bag of concrete when something peculiar caught my eye. 
There, listed underneath “ingredients” for the concrete mix, was the word “calcium.”
I instantly realized how calcium supplements may lead to worrisome cardiovascular problems.
Calcium is used to make concrete...
AND one of the leading causes behind most heart health conditions comes from this very same calcium based “concrete” that is stiffening our arteries.
Armed with that info, I raced back home to see if there was any evidence to support my theory.
And as you’re about to see, the answer is YES.
Guess What Researchers Found in the Arteries of Dead Patients?
HINT - It’s NOT Cholesterol 
As soon as I had my epiphany about concrete, I rushed home to look at a few studies analyzing what researchers found in the arteries of dead people who’d been told by their doctors their heart health was a major concern.
If my suspicions were correct, their arteries would not have a build-up of cholesterol like the medical establishment claims. 
They’d be stiffened by an overload of calcium… 
If this was true, then I would now know why people's bones weren’t getting any stronger… 
And I’d know why there was always an uptick in the number of patients coming to see me with major heart concerns.  
As I poured over study after study the evidence made what I’m about to tell you as clear as day:  
Extra calcium wasn’t going to people’s bones to make them stronger; it was stiffening their arteries!
And I found studies to prove it.  
A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology confirmed this when they studied healthy men between the ages of 40 and 50 and determined the more calcium in their arteries, the higher their risk of developing heart-related issues.
And other studies directly linked calcium supplements to heart concerns.
A 2010 study by the world-renowned British Medical Journal followed 8,151 people who took calcium supplements for 3.5 years. 
At the end of the study they concluded those people who took calcium supplements alone were more likely to develop serious concerns over the health of their heart.
To top it off, a year later they published another, larger study.  
After following 36,282 women who took calcium supplements for 7 years, they discovered the same link.  
Calcium supplementation greatly increased a person’s risk of developing other problematic heart issues. 
Now that I knew this, it was time to figure out why calcium supplements kept ending up in arteries and not in bones and teeth. 
The Truth about Calcium and Bone Health You Never Knew
I had a big problem on my hands.
The #1 way we’re taught to help strengthen bones did next to nothing for bone health and actually leads to the formation of calcium based concrete” in the arteries. 
But it’s not like calcium itself is a killer.  
Calcium is critical for strengthening bones and teeth. 
That’s a simple fact. 
But calcium taken in the form of supplements clearly hasn’t helped and is not healthy either.
So I reasoned there was a much bigger, deeper problem. 
Fortunately, it didn’t take very long for me to figure out what the problem was.
The Real Reason Calcium Supplements Don’t Make Stronger Bones
Roughly 180 years ago, America went through a period I call the “calcium crisis.”

At that specific time something happened that triggered our bodies to reject calcium so we don’t absorb it like we should.

And the calcium crisis then is the #1 reason calcium supplements are so dangerous today. 
The calcium crisis was set in motion around 1860 when a substantial change in the American food system took place.  
Before 1860, almost all Americans, regardless of class, ate local, farm-fresh foods. 
That’s because those were the only foods they had consistent access to. 
But around 1860, the way people ate changed forever. 
At that time, 2 things happened. 
Factories started making cheaply made pre-packaged foods. And the first transcontinental railroads started transporting those foods all across the entire United States.
So instead of eating healthy, natural food grown in their backyards, Americans started filling their stomachs with the first industrialized junk food.
This is the Reason Why Most of Our Bodies
    Don’t Adequately Absorb Calcium
This switch away from farm-fresh foods meant Americans stopped eating a few key foods that help our bodies absorb calcium.
Even though this problem started in the 1860s, it’s a problem that affects the majority of Americans to this day. 
A problem you probably deal with… and one I can help fix.  
The first person to discover how this change in the American diet affected our calcium absorption was a dentist named Weston Price.
Dr. Price was one of the most brilliant medical minds of all time. He’s the founder of the National Dental Association and 61 of his research studies have been published in 144 journals and translated into 5 languages.  
In the early 1900s, Dr. Price noticed “standard treatments” for strengthening his patients’ teeth didn’t work.
Even though he had some of the best training in the world, Price watched helplessly as his patients’ teeth, jaws, and bones deteriorated before his eyes. 
Knowing this wasn’t normal, Price set out on a journey to resolve this incredibly frustrating dilemma. 
Price had no idea why people’s bones weren’t healing. 
But he suspected most of what he was seeing was related to diet. 
So Price set out on a journey to travel the known world seeking extremely healthy people with remarkably strong teeth and bones.  
He wanted to see what they ate and how those foods could help his patients.
That’s When Dr. Price Discovered It Was the Absence of These Foods
That Kept You From Absorbing Calcium
Price’s journey to find people who had extremely healthy teeth sent him all across the globe.
For 40 years he traveled to countries like Switzerland, New Zealand, Kenya… he dove deep into the sweltering hot jungles of South America and forged his way across the frozen expanses of the Alaskan wilderness to find these specimens of perfect bone health. 
His qualifications for “extremely healthy” were pretty specific.  
Their bones had to be incredibly strong. 
Their teeth had to be rock hard and pristine white… 
And they had to be so healthy they rarely needed dental work and didn’t see doctors outside of being gravely ill or injured.  
In his 40 years of exploration he found multiple communities that fit that description.   
None of which lived in America.
In those communities, chronic conditions linked to weak bones, sick hearts, poor respiratory function, etc. were virtually non-existent.  
According to Price, the reason they were absent was because they all ate one mystery ingredient for vibrant health.
The Reason These Special People Were So Healthy
 Was Because They Ate Something Called Factor X
Price discovered all of these cultures ate a mystery ingredient he called Factor X.
And when he studied the American diet BEFORE the calcium crisis, he realized the reason Americans had so many problems was because they had stopped eating Factor X
By cross-examining the diets of all these cultures, he knew Factor X was what people needed to eat to be extremely healthy. 
And the way he proved it was nothing short of shocking.  
Price observed every time a person from one of these cultures left and stopped eating Factor X and switched to the “calcium crisis diet,” they became very sick.
This happened dozens of times. 
On top of that, he performed thousands of animal studies to confirm his theory.  
Each time he tested the calcium crisis diet versus the Factor X diet, the results all pointed to the same conclusion.  
The calcium crisis diet was causing health issues nearly absent in the groups he studied. 
Price knew that Factor X was the key to extreme health. 
Sadly, despite all his effort, Price never figured what Factor X was.
Price continued his research on Factor X until his death in 1948.  
Unfortunately, upon his passing, Price’s research faded into the background of American science.   
People occasionally peeked at it, but since Price never identified Factor X, there wasn’t much to go off of for future studies.
That all changed a few years ago.
 It’s Time to Discover What Factor X Is
The Miracle Food Ingredient That Keeps You Safe From Calcium Supplements and MORE!
By a strange coincidence, Danish scientists actually discovered Factor X in the 1930s...roughly the same time Dr. Price was doing his research.
They just didn’t know it.  
At the time they were studying how a set of unknown vitamins made blood clot. 
They called these vitamins vitamin K-1 and vitamin K-2. 
And while they eventually learned vitamin K-1 was what made blood clot, they never could determine what vitamin K-2 did.  
So they concluded vitamin K-2 had no known uses and forgot about it, just like Price’s research on Factor X had been forgotten. 
But that all that changed one day in July of 1997 when scientists from Tufts University in Boston discovered vitamin K-2 was the essential ingredient required to strengthen bones and decalcify arteries. 
Depressingly, when the study was published in Nutrition Reviews, it was mostly ignored. 
But on that fateful day, Dr. Price’s long lost dream to identify Factor X had finally been discovered.  
And now people finally had access to the mystery ingredient needed for strong bones and a healthy heart.
Vitamin K-2
The Secret Ingredient to Stronger Bones and Healthier Heart?
By all appearances, it seemed the secret ingredient for stronger bones and a healthier heart had FINALLY been discovered.
But why hadn’t I, or anyone else, ever heard about this?
I had never once heard other physicians excitedly mention vitamin K-2 and how it was making people healthier.  
The truth is, even though the scientists discovered vitamin K-2 helped build stronger bones, no one realized a lack of vitamin K-2 would create so many health problems
That’s when it hit me. 
The people Dr. Price studied, those people who had excellent heart and bone health... 
They ate completely different foods than what my patients with brittle bones and weak hearts ate
Even my patients who ate all-natural and 100% organic all the time.  
So I started digging through what little research I had on vitamin K-2 levels in Americans. 
According to almost all of the research I found, Americans who eat a calcium crisis diet suffer from a serious vitamin K-2 deficiency!  
As for the people Price studied?  
They get more K-2 in their diet than almost anyone in the world.  
Like the Japanese people who eat an ancient food with the highest levels of K-2 known to man… 
Or the Inuit, whose supposedly “unhealthy” diet of meat, body organs, and fermented foods keep them healthier than most people in the world.  
It was like I had just been struck by a bolt of lightning. 
Vitamin K-2 could be the secret ingredient my patients needed to build stronger bones and protect their hearts at the same time.
Convincing Proof Vitamin K-2
 Is the Answer to America's Calcium Absorption Problem
Once I made the connection between that 1997 study and Dr. Price’s research, I learned everything I could about K-2.
I already knew calcium (not calcium supplements) was essential for strong bones and teeth.  
But what I’d never stopped to think about is how calcium is made into bones and teeth in the first place.  
Neither did any other doctors I’d met.  
For years the entire medical community just assumed calcium naturally ended up in your bones where it belonged when you consumed it…
Never realizing that without vitamin K-2 your bones literally CANNOT absorb calcium.
The Astoundingly Simple Way K-2 Strengthens Bones
           And Protects Your Heart at the Same Time
The easiest way to understand how K-2 works is to think of it as a real estate agent for calcium.

K-2’s main job is to make sure calcium finds a home inside your bones and teeth.

To guarantee calcium finds a home, K-2 activates 2 proteins called Osteocalcin and Matrix gla protein (MGP).

MGPs start the process by searching through your body’s soft tissues, arteries, veins and more, looking for calcium.

As soon as it finds calcium, MGP tells calcium it doesn’t belong there and directs it it gives it directions to its natural home in bones and teeth.

Once MGP gets calcium moving, Osteocalcin simply puts a chemical “for sale sign” out in front of your bones and teeth.
As calcium goes by, it notices those “for sale” signs and moves into the bones and teeth where it belongs.

Without K-2 calcium would never make it “home”!
And as we now know, if it doesn’t make it home to bones and teeth, it ends up stuck in a massive glob of arterial plaque that may eventually lead to serious heart problems. 
It’s that simple.  
This is what the original 1997 study discovered. 
But at the time there were no additional studies to verify these theories. 
That all changed a few years later…
The Following Studies Show K-2 (NOT Calcium Supplements)
Is the Missing Ingredient for Stronger Bones
The more I researched vitamin K-2, the more studies showed it was the missing ingredient to strengthen bones and improve heart health.

In a groundbreaking, 2-year study on bone health, researchers at the Keio University School of Medicine tested the effectiveness of a K-2 supplement versus a calcium supplement to strengthen bones.

They took 100 women between the ages of 55 and 81 and had one group take calcium only.

The other group took a K-2 supplement.

When compared beside each other, those who took K-2 had stronger bones than those who took only calcium.

Attempting to prove the Japanese study wasn’t a fluke, researchers at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands put 325 postmenopausal women through an intense,  randomized clinical intervention study to test how strong K-2 made their bones versus a placebo.

As you know, postmenopausal women (women who have already gone through menopause) have bones that gradually get weaker. 

What the researchers discovered made me jump with excitement!

After 3 years of observation, they found the bones of the women who took K-2 were just as strong as the day the trial started.

The placebo group?

They lost significant amounts of bone strength, putting them at greater risk for fractures and other health conditions.
These Studies Prove K-2 Might Be the Missing Ingredient for Heart Health
For every study I came across showing K-2 helped strengthen bones, there was one showing it protected the heart.


It kept arteries from becoming stiff with calcium.
Which you know are 2 of the biggest risk factors for serious heart issues.

Based on the research you’ll see below, it’s likely K-2 is all you’ll ever need to keep arteries free and clear of problematic calcium.

No expensive doctor approved treatments required.

In the most famous study of all, known as the Rotterdam Study, researchers followed 4,600 men aged 55 and older from 1990 to 2001.

Every few years they analyzed the subjects’ heart health. 
At the end of their study they reached an astounding conclusion. 
Men who had the highest intake of K-2 had a 52% lower risk of aortic calcification.  
Meaning they were half as likely to have dangerous calcium gumming up their arteries.  
This led to an almost 46% lower risk of developing heart conditions later on down the road.  
Incredible when you consider the only thing they did differently than the other subjects was get more vitamin K-2 in their diet.
And If That Study Wasn’t Convincing Enough...
Several years later in 2009, 10 researchers at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care blew the original Rotterdam study out of the water.
Using a sample size 4 times larger than the original study, the researchers compiled data of 16,057 women aged 49-70. 
And their findings double-confirmed just how effective K-2 is at keeping arteries healthy. 
They wrote there was actually an “inverse association between vitamin K-2 and risk of heart issues developing.” 
Meaning K-2 was definitely responsible for helping protect and improve heart health. 
Something most conventional doctor-recommended treatments can’t boast. 
And best of all, K-2 does this without any serious side effects.
Here’s Some Even Better News!
K-2 Isn’t Just Good for Your Heart… It’s One of the Best Nutrients for Amazing Overall Health
K-2 is hardly a one-trick pony.
This amazing nutrient optimizes health in several critical ways.

May Help Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Help You Lose Weight

Anyone struggling to regulate their blood sugar will be happy to know K-2 has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity in studies.

In fact,  a Japanese study shows K-2 may be one of the best vitamins for increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • +  Increased energy due to fewer insulin spikes
  • +  Increased weight loss due to balanced blood sugar levels
  • + Improved adrenal and thyroid functioning
         Helps Fight Dangerous Inflammation

Inflammation is linked to some of the most persistent health problems known to man.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways K-2 helps fight inflammation at the cellular level, which results in amazing health benefits:
  • Improved immune function
  •  Reduced pain in knees, hands, and more 
  •  Fights dangerous free radicals thanks to antioxidant activity  
  •  Look and feel better since inflammation is known to affect skin cells 
  May  Improve Brain Function
Everything in your body is connected.
Healthy bones = a healthy heart… and a healthy heart = a healthy brain

Which is why taking vitamin K-2 may significantly improve brain function. 
  • May protect neural connections so you can think more clearly, remember more accurately, and perform better
  •  K-2 is needed for the creation of myelin, which is essential for neurological function
  • Reductions in stiff arteries may get more oxygen for better brain function
And it does so much more!

Now, isn’t it time you started taking some K-2?
Here’s Where to Get 100% All-Natural K-2
The good news is you can get K-2 from your diet.
The bad news? Many of the foods that contain K-2 are either rare, quite expensive, or unpleasant to eat. 
Many of the cultures Price studied got their K-2 by eating animal organs like the pancreas, salivary glands, liver, reproductive organs, brains, cartilage, kidneys and more. 
I’m sure you’ll take a pass on those foods.  
The Japanese eat a food quite rich in K-2 known as “natto,” which is a fermented soybean paste. 
I’ve tried it before and take my word for it: unless you like eating stringy boogers, you won’t like natto. 
And if most sources for K-2 found in food aren’t extremely gross… they’ll cost you a pretty penny.
To get K-2 from meat-based sources, you’ll have to spend as much as $25.00 a pound on grass-fed and farm-raised meats. 
Think about the most expensive meat at WholeFoods. Now imagine buying a pound or two a day just to get your optimal daily supply of K-2.
Or, You Could Just Take My Specially Formulated K-2 MK-7
The Perfect K-2 For Heart and Bone Health
After all the research I did on vitamin K-2, I knew I had to get it into my patients’ hands.
So I created a specially forumalted K2 MK-7 under my supplement brand  "Health As It Ought To Be."
My K-2 MK-7 is  an incredibly powerful 100% natural vitamin K-2 and is one of the best K-2s in the world.
What makes it so unique is it fixes the major problems found with most current Vitamin K-2 supplements available.
Health As It Ought To Be K2 MK-7
Solves the 3 Biggest Problems With All the Other K-2 Supplements...

1. Gives you the Correct, Clinically Recommended Dose:

One thing that other supplement companies making K-2 supplements  don't tell you is that there K-2 isn't strong enough to give you the maximum benefits. .
After years of research on K-2, experts like myself have concluded we need around 150 mcg of K-2 to get the maximum benefits for our bones and hearts...  
Problem is most K-2 supplements sold online or in stores contain 100 mcg or less.  
Very few are over 150…
So I knew I had to fix that.  
My K2 MK-7 is stronger than the rest and gives you the clinically effective dose of 150 mcg.

2. Soy and GMO FREE. K-2 MK-7 is guaranteed Soy and GMO FREE.

Cheaper versions of vitamin K-2 are manufactured from soy.

That's BAD!

You may have heard this already, but soy is incredibly harmful to our body’s sensitive endocrine (hormonal) system.  
As a thyroid expert, I’ve seen just how dangerous soy can be. 
Plus, almost all soy used in supplements is genetically modified.
So when you take inferior forms of K-2, you also risk exposing yourself to potentially dangerous engineered crops along with the chemicals and pesticides sprayed on them.  
K2 MK-7  uses all-natural flower extracts (geraniol and farnesol) instead of risky soy.
3. Gives you the longest-lasting and easiest to absorb version of Vitamin K-2

What most people don’t realize is there are 2 main types of K-2 supplements.
Vitamin K-2 MK-7 and vitamin K-2 MK-4. 
Most supplement companies use vitamin MK-4 because it’s cheaper.   
The problem is cheaper usually translates to weaker
MK-4 has a much shorter half-life than MK-7. Once it’s in your body, it stops becoming effective much faster than MK-7
That means to truly get the maximum benefits from MK-4 you may have to take up to 10 pills a day (depending on the dose). 
Which sounds better, 1 pill or 10? 
K2 MK-7 is made from 100% MK-7, the most effective and longest-lasting form of K-2. 
And that’s what you need to protect your bones and heart.
Wondering Who Should Take K2 MK-7 ?
And Are There Any Side Effects?

Anyone trying to protect their heart and their bones should take it.

This is especially true if you're 45 years or older. . 

The being said,   people that need to be careful before taking Vitamin K-2 are those that are taking a blood thinning medication like Warfarin (Coumadin).
Vitamin K-2 can interfere with these medications, so please check with your doctor before taking K-2.
*Note: Aspirin is not a problem
There’s Only One Place in the World
to Get Health As It Ought To Be K2 MK-7
Since my mission is to help transform my patients’ health inside and out, I started offering K2 MK-7 to patients last year.
And when I saw just how well it worked, I knew I had to get it into your hands too. 
Our Health As It Ought To Be K2 MK-7 is as pure and effective as it gets.
Each 150 mcg capsule contains just two ingredients: Vitamin K2 MK-7 and microcrystalline cellulose (which is an all-natural, allergen-free capsule ingredient).
It’s the most potent K2 MK-7 available and is made in small batches to maximize its effectiveness.
All it takes is 30 seconds a day to harness the power of Health As It Ought To Be K2 MK-7.

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