Why Our DIY Sunscreen Formula is the Best


In our email from Monday we talked all about the dangers of normal sunscreens.

The facts are the mass-produced sunscreens you’ll find sold on the market are filled with problematic ingredients.

And that’s why Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily created a specialized ingredient that can be used to make a healthy and effective DIY sunscreen.

But what is it about this product that makes it so great?

It’s a good question and one we plan to address with this email.

Why Zinc Oxide (and our Zinc Oxide in particular) is Great For DIY Sunscreen

If you’ll remember from the email Monday (if you didn’t read it, please search for “Did You Know Sunscreen Was This Dangerous?” in your inbox) the main ingredients in consumer sunscreens can disrupt your endocrine system, potentially accelerate the growth of some tumors, and also toxify the body.

The good news is there are all-natural ingredients that effectively block the sun and don’t do so while risking your health.

Now that we’ve said that, these ingredients aren’t necessarily non-toxic.

And that’s why we want to talk about the benefits of our zinc oxide powder.

First, just because zinc is natural, doesn’t mean that it can’t pose potential health problems.

Zinc-poisoning is possible.

And the reason you can trust using our brand of zinc is because the particle size of our zinc is big enough that it doesn’t pass through your skin and into your body. In fact, our zinc is the safest zinc from an absorption standpoint because it offers the largest particle size on the market at 480nm.

That means when placed on your skin it will stay on the surface and block sun; not absorb into your skin and poison you or the kids you plan to use it on.

On top of that, we grind our zinc oxide in a uniform manner that gives you a consistency that is even on application which makes it great not just as a sunscreen, but also as an acne cream, diaper cream, and more.

Lastly, and this is quite important, our zinc is lead-free. 

Many inferior brands of zinc contain dangerous amounts of lead, and when placed on your skin, that can pose the threat of producing lead poisoning.

We know that you won’t be poisoned by our zinc because we pay extra to have an independent lab test all our zinc to ensure it is lead free.

For these reasons we firmly believe there is no better zinc oxide available on the planet.

We should mention, too, zinc oxide isn’t just a useful ingredient for sunscreen, there are quite a few additional ways to get maximum benefit from this ingredient.

That’s why we give you a recipe book with your purchase of Raise Them Well Kid-Safe Zinc Oxide Powder.

This recipe book offers recipes for various different applications of zinc oxide so you can get the most out of an ingredient that can make your life, as well as your children’s lives better.



Talk soon,

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