Blood Glucose Testing Meter

$ 17.00

Product Description

As Dr. Wiggy and participants of The Ketox Method can tell you, managing your blood sugar is incredibly important for losing weight and staying in Ketosis. For your convenience we offer this blood sugar testing kit here.  It comes with 10 strips so you will need to purchase additional strips. We also offer those here.

From the manufacturer:

The TRUE METRIX PRO Meter is a simple, yet accurate way to test your blood glucose level. You can test anywhere and any time. This meter features a tiny 0.5µL sample size, no coding and results in as little as 4 seconds. Plus it auto-detects, analyzes, and corrects variables in each blood sample with its TRIPLE SENSE TECHNOLOGY to ensure proven accuracy and confidence in results. This meter is intended for clinical use for healthcare facilities, doctor's office use, or a multi-patient clinical setting, but it can be used for personal use as well. The TRUE METRIX PRO can only be used with the TRUE METRIX PRO test strips.


  • Alternate site testing.
  • No coding.
  • Only 0.5µL sample required.
  • Test strip release button.
  • Set up to 4 testing alarms.
  • Ketone test reminder.
  • Audible fill detection.
  • Control Detection.
  • 7, 14 and 30 day averaging.
  • Store up to 500 results with date and time.
  • Event tagging.
  • Download capabilities.
  • MPN: 021292006105


Detects: the sample size, environment and whether its a control solution or blood sample test.

Analyzes: the environmental and physiological factors thus eliminating incorrect results.

Corrects: the Hematocrit and Temperature variables which ensures accuracy and confidence in results.

TRUE METRIX PRO Meter Kit Contents:

  • Installed 3 Volt Battery.
  • Control Solution - 3mL.
  • Compact Carry Case.
  • Self Test Log Book.
  • Instructions for use.
  • 10 TRUE METRIX PRO Test Strips.

How to Perform a Blood Glucose Test with the TRUE METRIX PRO Meter

  1. Wash your hands and put on a new pair of gloves.
  2. Select area to test from (finger tips or forearm) and clean the area with warm, soapy water or use appropriate disinfectant. Dry thoroughly.
  3. For a finger tip stick, to get an easier blood sample: lower the patient's hand below heart level and gently massage the finger from palm to fingertip. Do not squeeze the fingertips for the blood sample, as this will damage the surrounding tissue and the fluid could dilute the blood sample.
  4. Lance the selected area on the patient.
  5. Allow a blood drop to form before attempting to apply the test strip.
  6. Record glucose results then discard all biohazard materials into the appropriate container.
  7. Wash your hands after taking off gloves.