Arizona Natural Stimu-Cell™ Immune Support 510 mg - 60 Capsules

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Product Description

Stimu-Cell™ formula is designed to stimulates and enhance the immune system at every level. By boosting immune response and hunting free radicals and invasive cells, StimuCell™ ensures your body’s first line of defense is working its best to guard your immune system.

Lymphocytes (commonly known as NK, B, and T-cells) are specially programmed white blood cells that are the body’s first line of defense against invasive and infected cells and pathogens. Together, these lymphocytes help regulate the immune response and stimulate chemical substances such as interleukin-1 and gamma interferon. NK (Natural Killer) Cells are first in line to destroy virus-infected or cancer cells and research has shown a correlation between low NK cell activity and autoimmune diseases.

Measurement of NK cell activity is a powerful indicator of immune function. T-cells are major players in cell-mediated immunity, various types of T-cells and cytotoxic cells are programmed to destroy infected cells or foreign tissue. B-cells target harmful organisms by producing antibodies that bind to antigens. By bolstering the immune system and your immune response, the body becomes a more active partner in the fight against cancer. Arizona Natural has combined several of the most promising nutrients and phytochemicals in StimuCell™, a dietary supplement formulated for immune and lymphocyte support.

StimuCell™ Contains: Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom- with 45% polysaccharides: Of all Oriental mushrooms tested, Agaricus Blazei had the highest concentration of beta glucan. Beta glucan has been studied for over 30 years to improve immune function. Research showed that Agaricus blazei might increase immune response by augmenting NK cell activity.

Broccoli Extract 4:1 concentrate- Rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant and promoter of Phase 2 enzymes that may neutralize highly reactive forms of cancer-causing chemicals.

Astragalus– A staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is rich in isoflavones, saponins and polysaccharides. Astragalus is believed to enhance NK and T-cell function and increase natural interferon production.

Garlic– Great source of allicin, selenium, sulfur compounds and natural enzymes, garlic has an impressive body of evidence supporting its immune-enhancing properties.

Echinacea Purpurea– Contains echinoides that stimulate and regulate immune activity as well as inulin and polysaccharides. Known as the “Immune Herb”, echinacea may activate macrophages and NK cells.

Panax Ginseng– Contains adaptogens that seek out invading pathogens by stimulating the immune system, increasing NK cells and macrophages.

Green Tea Extract– With 50% polyphenols, which has been the subject of international cancer research.

Vitamin E, Selenium and Grape Seed Extract 4:1 Concentrate– These powerful antioxidants prevent free radical damage to white blood cells. The PCO found in grape seed extract is widely researched for its cytotoxic effects, and selenium is an essential trace mineral that destroys free radicals and works synergistically with Vitamin E.

Zinc– A vital mineral for development of T-cells, NK cells and neutrophilis.


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