Black Bear Energy Drink, Energy Redefined - 250 ml

$ 4.00

Brand: Black Bear

Product Description

The Energy Drink, Redefined.

We’re proud to offer Black Bear, a new drink that redefines energy. Black Bear does not rely upon stimulants such as caffeine and copious amounts of sugary sweeteners for a quick boost.

Why Black Bear Energy?  B12 is a source of real and sustainable energy that goes to work fast and gives your body the lift it needs, without any of the artificial ingredients, caffeine or commonly used sweeteners that aren’t good for you.

There are different types of Vitamin B12 and Black Bear uses only the best: hydroxycobalamin & adenosylcobalamin, both forms your body can put to use immediately rather than the most commonly used and inexpensive form called Cyano-B12. Black Bear is energy for doers. Whether your definition of ‘doing’ is having fun boarding, gaming, cycling, climbing or even working or studying, Black Bear provides the boost you need without all that caffeine or sugar, with only the finest ingredients.