BodyHealth Metal-Free - 35 ml

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Brand: BodyHealth

Product Description

Want to Rid Your Body of Toxic Heavy Metals?

Metal-Free is an oral chelation agent for toxic heavy metals that is entirely natural and is derived from naturally occurring substances.

The active ingredients in Metal-Free are a collection of unique peptides produced by a process called microfermentation. Beneficial soil and marine bacteria are specially combined in a “nutrient broth” under exact conditions. The peptides are nanometer in size which the body “sees” as nutrients and therefore they penetrate the mucosa easily. Additionally, since the surfaces of the Metal-Free peptides are negatively charged, they are naturally attracted to the positively charged surface of mucosal cells which enhances absorption.

Once in the tissues, the peptides bind available heavy metals via three bonds (ionic, covalent and hydrogen) virtually removing it from its tissue binding site. Based on this chemical affinity, we have evidence to show that it will pull mercury more effectively than intravenous DMPS + vitamin C, or oral DMSA. These chelators only bond ionically, which is less secure.

The metals bound by Metal-Free are eliminated from the body almost totally via the bile-bowel route. This is the natural way the body detoxifies heavy metals. Urine levels remain low and the delicate glomerulus of the kidney is not stressed by the detoxification program. The feces or hair are the optimum way to monitor the amount of heavy metals being eliminated by Metal-Free.

Suggestions for Use
It is recommended to start with 1-2 sprays of Metal-Free and gradually increase by 1-2 sprays each week to a maximum of eight sprays once daily (six for a child under age 5, four for a child under age 4, two for a child under age 2). A person who is very highly sensitive can even begin with one drop from a small dropper.

Metal-Free is absorbed through the membranes lining the mouth. It can also be absorbed through the lining of the stomach when it is empty. Digestive activity in the stomach is destructive to Metal-Free, so for this reason it is recommended to take on an empty stomach. Don't consume food or drink 45 minutes before or after taking Metal-Free.

As long as there is no metalwork in the mouth, it is simply sprayed into the mouth and held under the tongue for two to three minutes, then swallowed. The whole dosage can be taken at one time each day.

If Metal-Free comes in contact directly with metal in the mouth, it can actually bond with this dental metal, then it would not be available to bind with the metals within the body, defeating the purpose.

Therefore, if there is metal in the mouth:
Use a dropper to drop the Metal-Free down the back of the throat and swallow immediately (3-4 drops from a small dropper is equivalent to one spray) or use the special Extended Sprayer (available from your practitioner or directly from BodyHealth) to spray down the back of the throat.

Metal-Free is non-toxic. However, if your body is not eliminating toxins at the same rate that Metal-Free is pulling them out of the tissues, you may feel uncomfortable. If this occurs, reduce to a dosage below symptom level. In any event, stay in good communication with your practitioner who will be interested in your progress.

Typical programs can run 4-6 months in length, depending on the case. When doing the initial phase of MetalFree, a person will generally use one bottle in the first 2 months, then 1 bottle per month afterward.

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