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HAIOTB PH Test Strips 100 Count

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Accurately Measure Your pH Levels to show your state of Alkalinity in 15 seconds.

pH (power of hydrogen)is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. A neutral pH is 7.0. The lower the pH the more acidic, and the higher the pH the more alkaline.

Maintaining a balanced pH is important to help you maintain energy and keep your body healthy and balanced. It is an indicator of your overall health

For best results, obtain a clean-catch urine sample.


To Test Urine: Test the first and second urine of the day and record the average reading. To test, briefly place the pH Strip in the urine stream, shake the excess fluid and wait 15 seconds to read your pH.

To Test Saliva: Wait two hours after eating. Spit saliva into a spoon, dip the pH Strip into the fluid and wait 15 seconds to read your pH.

Results: A reading of pH 7.0+ is perfect, pH 6.5 is acidic and below pH 6.0 is very acidic. Test 2-3 times per day and daily over a longer time period to get an average reading.

Note: Once you recorded your results, we recommend you consult with a trained health practitioner.

Important:Replace cap immediately and tightly after use. Do not touch the test areas. Store in a cool, dry place. For in-vitro use only.