Raise Them Well Kid-Safe Zinc Oxide Powder - 8 oz.

$ 22.00

Product Description

  • Don't be fooled by cheap Zinc Oxide, they are likely contaminated with lead. We use an independent lab to make sure that our zinc oxide is lead free.
  • Large particle size ensures that it will not be absorbed into the skin and makes it safe for babies and children.
  • Unique grinding process insures consistent mixing and makes it great for homemade sunscreens, acne creams, diaper creams, and more.
  • Cobalt blue jar prolongs shelf life so it can be used for years to come. Free scoop and easy to follow along recipe book based on tablespoons (not ounces) so no crazy calculations required.

Finally a Zinc Oxide powder that is safe for babies, children, and adults that comes with a FREE scoop and easy to follow Recipe Book. Here's the Problem with nearly all Zinc Oxide powders...They are contaminated with lead. The cheap sources of zinc oxide have unsafe levels of lead. And as you know, what you put on the skin can be absorbed into the blood, so don't expose your kids to this.

The other problem is that the particle size is too small. Most zinc oxide powders have a particle size that is not safe to use on babies and children. Here's why this is the best Zinc Oxide Powder available. We use an independent lab to ensure that our zinc oxide is lead free.

Our zinc oxide has the largest particle size on the market at 480nm which ensures that it will be non-toxic and not absorbed through the skin. - Unique grinding process ensures consistent mixing and makes it great for homemade sunscreens, acne creams, diaper creams, and more.

Comes with a FREE scoop and easy to follow Recipe Guide. We purchased lots of other zinc oxide powders as part of our research. The recipe books that we received require a PhD in chemistry and a scale to figure out. Who has time for that? We included a free scoop (tablespoon) and made our recipe book super easy to follow along for busy moms.


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