Yoanna Skin Care Herbal Freshener - 4 fl oz.

$ 19.00

Product Description

Recommended for Normal to Sensitive Skin.

(Calms down red, blotchy skin.)

This light freshener, combined with a generous blend of soothing, natural emollient herbs including, Allantoin, Fennel, and Balm Mint soothes and calms blotchy, red and irritated skin.

This Herbal Freshener is great for sensitive and rosacea skin, or for use in times when skin is under greater than usual stress. It is also a great after-shave freshener for men to soothe and calm the skin.

Color Therapy Value:

Natural herbal colors of yarrow, mistletoe, fennel, and balm mint, are used to promote soothing and calming.


Spray onto skin after cleansing and exfoliating. Apply additional freshener during the day if skin is irritated or red, to promote calmness.