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Yoanna Skin Care Organic Aloe Gel Liquid - 4 fl oz.

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Recommended for Oily to Normal Skin and the Combination thereof.

(Absorbs oil, heals acne and closes large pores.)

This marvelous product contains 98% organic gel extract from the succulent Aloe Vera Plant and is especially refined for the skin. It is cold processed and organic which makes it very high in potency and further facilitates its deep-penetration action.

This is especially effective for helping acne, scarring and discoloration on problem skin. Aloe Vera Gel has been recognized and used as a soothing antiseptic, a healing emollient, and an astringent by many people of the world. This Aloe Gel Liquid makes an excellent toner for oily skin because of its remarkable ability to absorb oil and close pores. It is also perfect for spot treatment of blemishes, cuts and burns.

Color Therapy Value:

Green is used to help enhance vibrations of soothing and cleansing. Green is made with natural Chloride Copper Complex, which is Chlorophyll and Copper PCA

Label Information


Organic Aloe Extract*, Potassium Sorbate, Capryrlyl Glycol.
*Certified Organic Ingredient


Splash or squeeze directly on the skin after cleansing and exfoliating. Apply additional aloe liquid to open pores and blemishes. Use Aloe Gel Liquid also to activate the Facial Contour Masque – recommended for all skin types. Blend equal parts of masque powder with Aloe Gel Liquid or one tsp to one tsp as needed. Apply masque as directed below.