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It’s Not Your Fault, But That Doesn’t Change The Danger

It’s Not Your Fault, But That Doesn’t Change The Danger

Look, it’s not your fault…but, there’s good news that even though you’ve likely suffered damage you can help correct it.

Here’s the deal, your eyes are probably damaged.

In fact, even as you read this, you’re exposing your eyes to damaging blue light. That blue light (which your monitor and smartphone screen emit all the time), bombards your photosensitive retinas and can cause insane amounts of damage, aging your eyes at a pace that will outstrip how long you live.

The end result?

Loss of vision, inability to focus, muddied visual clarity and more.

How Does Eye Defense Work to Keep Your Vision Young?

The truth is our eyes only stop working when the age of our eyes advances and the quality of optical tissue degrades.

When we introduce antioxidants into our bodies they protect optical tissue from damage and that can help us maintain the youthful function of our eyes.

Eye Defense contains 4 antioxidants known to help protect our vision.

They are as follows:

Lutein and Zeaxanthin:

When it comes to general eye health these superstars help to prevent free radicals from causing damage to tissue in your eyes.

Both lutein and zeaxanthin help to filter out the harmful blue light that comes from your devices. who made lutemax 2020, the proprietary blend found in Eye Defense, harnesses their ability to act as primary filters of high-energy blue light which supports visual health and acuity by protecting against oxidative stress and inflammation.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A, also known to many as beta carotene is another well-known nutrient for eye health.

The way vitamin A helps to keep your eyes healthy is it keeps your eyes lubricated and moist while also working as an antioxidant to help prevent ocular cells from degenerating under oxidative stress.

Vitamin E:

Another antioxidant which has been shown to help keep eyes (as well as skin) healthy; vitamin E is helpful for keeping your eyes healthy as it helps to protect cells from falling into disrepair as we age. Since blue light causes premature aging of the eyes (the retinas mainly) and the presence of vitamin E in your diet could stave off eye issues in the future.

Virgin Sea Buckthorn Oil:

Typically found in beauty products, sea buckthorn oil is rich in Omega 7 which has the known power to keep your eyes hydrated and reduce the redness associated with minor inflammation in the eye.

A human study on sea buckthorn oil has shown that using it helps to protect the eyes.

Petra Larmo, Ph.D. an author in this study wrote the following “In our research on SBA24, a special type of sea buckthorn oil, we have found that it is effective in improving eye comfort. It has significant and measurable impact on healthy eye hydration.”

Taking a steady stream of these nutrients will help to keep eyes healthy and young which will also keep your vision sharp and clear.

And Eye Defense is easily one of the best sources of vision-protecting nutrients in the world!


Talk soon,

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