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Out Of Stock Items

We are so sorry that the item you want is out of stock. The Covid pandemic has a ripple effect on the whole supply chain. Bottles, capsules and raw materials are backordered. Companies we and our vendors get supplies from have closed for weeks at a time due to quarantines. 

You will see many items you want out of stock due to this. Most recently this has affected our own HAIOTB Multivitamin. UPDATE 4/20: Our Multivitamin is currently in encapsulating and bottling and should be shipping to us very soon!!

We apologize for this inconvenience and are as frustrated with it as you are. We look forward to the day when everything is back in stock!

In the meantime you can go to the page of the product you wish to order and sign up for an alert to let you know as soon as it is back in stock. The sign up looks like this: