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Is It Time to Give Up On Olive Oil?

Look, I’m not sorry...Not sorry that I’ve been advocating a high fat diet for the past few years. I’m not sorry that I keep talking about “keto” this, and “triglycerides” that.I’m not sorry that I try and get people to buy more oil than Jiffy Lube. At the end of the day, I believe eating copious amounts of healthy fat is absolutely essential for great health.And today, I’m going to focus on olive oil, an oil I’ve neglected to talk about recently.Olive oil is one of the world’s most celebrated foods. It receives mention dozens of times in some of the world’s most sacred religious texts, and it’s a prized culinary possession across the world.If anyone ever tells you it’s...

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Diabetes and Weight Gain Caused by This Common Food Additive

The United States is one of the most overweight nations in the world. It’s sad but it’s true. If you were to ask me why this is, I’d tell you part of this can be attributed to calorie dense foods, another part is because our culture is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle. And then there’s also the fact many people are over-stressed, over-fed, and suffering from hormonal imbalances which lead to off-kilter insulin levels. Those are the easily explainable reasons for weight gain and the explosion of incidences of diabetes. However, what you may find interesting is recent research indicates there might also be another reason behind the high numbers of cases of both extreme weight gain and type...

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3 BIG Reasons I Rarely Prescribe Diabetes Meds

When I was in medical school I was beaten over the head with the idea that if a person was suffering from a disease like type-2 diabetes, the best way to make them better was to get them on some kind of medication. When I left medical school not only did my head hurt from the beating… I sincerely believed medications were the best way to treat diabetes. Fortunately it wasn’t long into my residency that I discovered prescribing medications to treat diseases like type 2 diabetes was a misguided effort. Residency introduced me to the integrative approach to medicine. Especially, type 2 diabetes treatment. An approach where I looked at a how a person developed type 2 diabetes and...

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