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Aromaland Orange California Essential Oil - 1/3

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Aroma:  Sweet orange, tangy

Latin Name:  Citrus sinensis

Country of Origin:  California, USA

Cultivation Method:  Conventionally grown

Extraction Method:  Cold pressed

Extracted From:  Peel of the fruit

Color:  Orange

Perfumery Note:  Middle / Top

Consistency:  Liquid

Aromatherapy Properties:  Energizing and bright; clears the mind

Suggested Use:  This is a great essential oil to add to house cleaning and deodorizing recipes.  Try adding a single drop to the dish washing machine when it is washing dishes to give the whole kitchen a bright scent.  

Topically, citrus oils are astringent and also good for the hair.  This oil may be phototoxic, so avoid topical use with sun exposure.  Dilute heavily with use to about 0.7%, which equals about 4 drops of orange oil per ounce of carrier oil.

History: Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) is a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin orange.  It first appeared in history when Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gamma, recorded in 1500 that there were many orange trees in India bearing a citrus fruit with a delicious sweet taste. 

Specific Safety Information:  Not for internal use.  Dilute heavily with topical use.  Avoid topical use with sun exposure.  Avoid with certain medical conditions.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions before use.

Note: Pressed citrus oils oxidize quickly due to high monoterpene content; avoid excessive exposure to air.  Oxidized oils can cause skin irritation.