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Great News for Caffeine Lovers (goodbye fat)

Great News for Caffeine Lovers (goodbye fat)

It’s funny to me, that for years, caffeine was demonized by the health industry.

Yes, most people drink caffeine in some form, but there’s always been this underlying antagonism against caffeine.

Mainly, people figure that since it’s technically a drug, it must be bad for us.

While an argument against overconsumption of caffeine can certainly be made, the truth is more and more evidence shows that consuming caffeine is actually a boon to health.

Take a recent animal study as a growing body of proof that caffeine can positively affect your health.

How Caffeine Consumption Helped Prevent Weight Gain and Improved Fat Loss

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wanted to test how caffeine intake influenced body fat composition.

So they gave rats a “normal American diet” filled with tons of fat and tons of sugar for 28 days and then split them into 2 groups.

One group of rats received a caffeine extract from mate tea and the other got an extract from decaf mate tea. The amount of caffeine they received would have been equivalent to 4 cups of coffee a day for a human.

Over the course of the study the researchers observed that the rats who consumed caffeine extract “gained 16% less weight and 22% less body fat than those that consumed decaffeinated mate”.

They then repeated the study with synthetic caffeine as well as caffeine extracted from coffee and discovered similar results.

So what was it about the caffeine that helped the rats resist adding weight and body fat?

When the scientists studied the rat’s cells they discovered that caffeine influenced how certain genes expressed themselves.

When caffeine was present it “downregulated genes that code for fatty acid synthase (FASN), an enzyme that helps produce long-chain fatty acids, and lipoprotein lipase (LPL), an enzyme with a key role in breaking down triglycerides”.

Regardless of the type of caffeine, the downregulation of these gene types was consistent and resulted in lipid buildup in fat cells to decrease anywhere from 20–41%.

Basically that means caffeine caused the rats bodies to resist holding onto fat, regardless of what they are eating and how much they exercise.

This is yet another reason you may want to consider adding more caffeine into your diet.

Drink More Coffee - But Not the Bad Kind

If you read this article and thought to yourself that you should drink more coffee, might I suggest trying out our bulletproof blends?

Bulletproof coffee doesn’t just offer you a high-octane cup of coffee filled with ample amounts of caffeine.

It also provides you with an exceptionally pure cup of coffee.

Sadly, most coffee is loaded with dangerous mycotoxins that can make you sick.

Bulletproof coffee does not contain mycotoxins thanks to a specialized roasting and curing process.
That’s where coffee like Dave Asprey’s brand of Bulletproof Coffee comes into play.

Asprey and his company created an extraordinary process to ensure Bulletproof Coffee does 2 things for you.

#1: Bulletproof coffee delivers a high-quality coffee that’s not been corrupted by microscopic freeloaders (and their poop). They do this by testing all batches of their coffee after they’ve had their team hand pick them from Rainforest Alliance approved farms. Which means it’s not only free and clear of mold and mycotoxins, it’s also ethical for you to drink.

#2: Just as important, their brand of coffee fills your favorite mug with an absolutely delicious cup of coffee. Which, if you’re a coffee snob, is obviously pretty darn important. The reviews for this product are through the roof when it comes to taste, value, and how it’s helping people who’ve switched from their old coffee to this one.

If you’re a coffee drinker that doesn’t want your coffee to make you sick...
And, you don’t want to kick the caffeine, then I recommend trying Bulletproof Coffee.

They have various flavors, roasting-styles, as well as ground and whole.

Click here to select which ones you’d like.


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