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I Don’t Take Drugs - I Take This For Inflammation

I Don’t Take Drugs - I Take This For Inflammation


One of the number 1 reasons people visit our office is because they want to avoid taking prescription drugs for their various health concerns.

And who can blame them?

When you watch a commercial for a drug on TV (doesn’t matter what it’s supposed to treat), the scare factor is high as they list off all the possible side effects.

Dr. Wiggy and the rest of the doctors here at Robinhood Integrative Health are going to be the first to tell you that prescription drugs definitely have a purpose…

they also can come with some risks.

This is why whenever they can steer a patient in the direction of a natural treatment option for supporting great health, they will.

When it comes to inflammation the Inflammation Syn3rgy blend that the doctors recommend is one of the best.

As Dr. Wiggy has alluded to in previous articles, the combination of 3 star ingredients in this capsule can help you tackle inflammation head on.

See What Actual Customers Say about Inflammation Syn3rgy

We value the feedback of patients and customers when we design products.

And we like to know how it affects them.

The truth is, we can write about studies and research all day, but if no one ever came back and said such and such a product helped them then it’s hard to keep doing what we do.

Not because we don’t believe in the science…

But positive feedback is incredibly important for helping us do our jobs well.

Inflammation Syn3rgy has some pretty awesome reviews behind it.

Like this one:

My husband and I both use this product. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I take 2 capsules in the morning and it has helped me tremendously! I don’t take any prescription drugs for my condition. These pills seem to help my pain a lot. I will continue to take these. 


Pretty cool to hear.

But Phyllis isn’t the only who feels this way.


Great item and it's working as I'm feeling better since I started using it. Using it for all over inflammation as I try to clean up my gut and detox.


And Chris definitely is joined by others…

Diane R reports:


There is no doubt that many of the illnesses we face have inflammation as the cause. This product combines helpful supplements to address this problem reducing the number of pills that must be taken.


It’s hard to fully grasp just how effective Inflammation Syn3rgy is for helping to support positive health.

And while we’ll never claim it will cure a disease, or reverse a condition… we know for sure that the body of scientific evidence on the ingredients is quite deep and overwhelmingly positive.

Inflammation is something we must all contend with.

It’s something that we hope most of you manage to support in entirely natural ways.

We choose to offer you Inflammation Syn3rgy because it’s our favorite blend - as well as the doctor’s favorite blend - of plant-based ingredients for helping you maintain healthy levels of inflammation.

You Won’t Regret Taking Advantage Of This Offer

Something we don’t talk about often, is that our products all come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

We don’t talk about it much since barely anyone uses it….

And we know our products work.

But, just you know it’s there, we offer you the chance to get Inflammation Syn3rgy today and try it out for 60 days to see how it makes you feel.

If for whatever reason you feel like it’s not living up to your standards then we will offer you a chance to get your money back.

Of course, you’re not risking much. we say you ought to try this today so you continue to experience Health As It Ought To Be.


Talk soon,

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