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Kids Love This - And It's Great For Their Skin

Kids Love This - And It's Great For Their Skin

Kids can get pretty dirty. They have a raw magnetism for grime.

Let’s not pretend that a dirty kid is a bad kid. In fact, there are studies that show it’s actually beneficial for children to play outside and get soil under their fingernails and grass stains on their pants.

But let’s be honest, so can husbands.

One thing a husband isn’t going to like is getting their mom to soap them up with a foaming wash that will knock all that crust and dust off of him.

Kids on the other hand, love a good bubble bath.

We think if you have kids that get a little bit messy then you’re going to love this.

You can buy it here. Or, you can read on to see what sets this apart from other soaps you could buy for children.


Toxins Are Everywhere!

We can’t sit here and idly tell you that all the soaps and body washes you’ll find at the store are good for your children.

Dr. Wiggy has covered the topic before and has made a list of some of the potentially dangerous chemicals found in seemingly innocent kids products.

Here’s a brief recap.

Triclosan is a potentially dangerous antimicrobial added to a lot of household products (like toothpaste and soap).

The reason to fear it?

It’s been shown to be carcinogenic and is also a known endocrine disruptor. Because children are vulnerable developmentally, early exposure to either could lead to serious health issues.

In addition to that, the Environmental Working Group wrote the following about comprehensive tests on name-brand children’s products you’d recognize.

They wrote: “laboratory tests commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found these products are commonly contaminated with formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane – and, in many cases, both. These two chemicals, linked to cancer and skin allergies, are anything but safe and gentle and are completely unregulated in children’s bath products.”

What stinks is the product labels on these soaps did not list either as ingredients (which they should).  


Smells Great - Kids Love It - And Certified Safe

The fact is kids are absolute treasures, and we should do everything we can to keep them safe and protected.

The Raise Them Well Certified ToxicFree® Foaming Baby Wash N’ Shampoo ensures your children aren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals when your job is to scrub them clean.

It’s been certified non-toxic by a third-party organization (by the Toxic Free Foundation), which assures you that out of 500 potentially dangerous chemicals, none will touch your kids sensitive skin.

It doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial detergents or fragrances either.

And obviously one of the best things is kids love it because it smells so good, it’s hypoallergenic, tear free and easy to use.


Talk soon,

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