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Mad Scientists Discover This Miracle Compound In Breast Milk

Allow me to confess something... There were no"mad scientists" involved in the discovery of this nutritive compound.  I mean, yeah, there could have been a time where these researchers showed up at work upset because they spilled coffee on their shirt, or upset because their dog tore up another pillow... But "mad" or "crazy?" No. I just wrote that because I think this discovery is pretty incredible, and I had images in my head of diabolical laughter when researchers finally understood how significant this compound is.  We've long known breast milk is extremely important for the healthy growth of infants. This is true both of human infants, as well as of most newborn mammals. But it wasn't until a few years ago that we discovered why it's so important. The reason breast...

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Does Inflammation Cause Cancer?

Hey Dr. Wiggy, Can You Tell Me…"Does Inflammation Cause Cancer?" My answer? “Yes, yes it can.” People’s concerns about cancer and its causes are warranted. Cancer is a disease we deal with frequently in Western medicine, and it’s something we’ve kind of figured out…and still have so much to learn about. The important thing to remember about cancer is there are a boatload of factors that contribute to this monstrous disease. Factors that we’re pretty confident we understand, and then of course, those we’re still looking to figure out. Truth is, I feel a responsibility as a physician to share the information you’re about to read. That’s because most of you reading this, probably 99.9999% of you, have had a close friend...

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Surprising Link Between Diet and This Disease Discovered

I think you know after reading my blog for some time I have a sneaking suspicion (based on real science) diet is one of the key factors for “Health As It Ought To Be.” Check out some of the articles I’ve written by searching “Standard American Diet” in the search bar or click here to read an article on diet. I firmly believe what you eat affects how you feel. It can even determine your total health. Fortunately, new studies are confirming this to be true every single day. Like a study conducted by researcher Dr. Bing Lu, an assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he and his team made the first...

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