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Your Brain (Interesting Fact)

Your brain is easily the most important organ in your body. While every other organ in your body is essential, thanks to technologies in modern medicine we’ve figured out ways to keep people alive and living happy lives if those organs fail. If on the other hand, your brain were damaged severely there’s not much the medical community can do to restore your health. This is why I fight so hard to help keep my patient’s brains as healthy as possible. When it comes to keeping the brain in top shape, I’ve got an arsenal of activities and nutrients I recommend. One of the ones I recommend most, happens to be one of the first supplements my team and I...

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More Weird & Strange Health Facts

Did you get my email on strange health facts a few weeks ago? I wrote about four strange health facts most people don’t know. Heck, at one point in time I didn’t even know those facts - but that’s not surprising, as I’m always learning something new. As promised, I wanted to follow that email with another one about even more strange health facts. I’ve got five here, and some of them are quite surprising (especially since they’re true): 1 - How Lying Makes You Sick: The University of Notre Dame conducted a study of what happens to people when they lie. Surprisingly, the researchers found being dishonest might actually harm your health. They discovered people who told lies were more likely...

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