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Dryer Sheets - A Hidden Health Problem?

I’m sure over the past few years you’ve come to realize many of the household cleaners and personal beauty products we sometimes use aren’t as safe as they might seem. While a cuddly bear on the front of your dryer sheets might make them look innocent, the truth is those clever marketing ploys are masking the use of harmful chemicals. When companies first started using these chemicals, they had no idea how harmful they might be. Now we have more than enough evidence to point out dangers associated with many of these products. Over the weekend, I came across a particularly disturbing study.  In it, researchers were able to make a connection between the use of household cleaners containing a certain cleaning compound and pronounced...

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Why Your Cooking Utensils Might Be Making You Sick

Convenience in the modern age is a bit of a double-edged sword, don’t you think? We’ve got cellphones that let us keep in touch with anyone, anywhere…but they also cut into our social lives. And, we’ve got easy access to prepared, pre-packaged foods which are actually harmful to our bodies. It’s like anything made to add ease to our lives can somehow harm them in the same breath. It’s kind of a mess, really. A big, unfortunate mess. And, to add insult to injury, I’ve got to tell you some more sad news. That non-stick cookware you’ve been using? It might be a contributing factor to failing health. Unless, of course, you stop using it and switch to something safer that is....

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