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Pipes Are Made From This And You Need It For Good Health

Have you ever heard of people leaving for vacation for a week or two, only to come home and discover their pipes are missing? It’s not that common of an occurrence in newer homes, but older homes full of copper pipes will definitely be targeted. Now, of course, I’m not writing today’s article to talk to you about home security; although, if you have copper pipes, don’t go advertising that to people.Instead, I’m writing to talk to you about copper: an essential nutrient you’re probably pretty unfamiliar with. Copper: Good For More Than Pipes  Copper is one of the few metals found in nature that your body needs for proper function. It's an essential mineral, so if your body isn’t constantly supplied...

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Why Tapioca Flour is a Great Gluten-Free Baking Alternative

Discover the Amazing Reasons Tapioca Flour is a Great Gluten-Free Baking Alternative Tapioca is probably not what you think it is. Before I learned about gluten-free cooking, I figured tapioca was just another form of pudding that I didn’t like that much. However, since I’m a big advocate of going gluten-free (whether you have Celiac’s disease, gluten sensitivity, or none of the above) and that requires changing how you cook and bake, you need to know about gluten-free baking! The more you learn about gluten-free baking, the more you’re going to see tapioca. So What Is Tapioca Exactly? No long-winded explanation necessary here… Tapioca, or tapioca flour, is nothing more than refined cassava root. Cassava is a staple in cultures across the world....

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