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Hair Loss Reversed Thanks To This

If you’ve ever watched TV after 6 pm, especially during sporting events, then you’ve definitely seen commercials for hair loss treatments. No one wants to lose their hair. Men don’t.  Women don’t either. I’d argue that the vast majority of people assume hair loss is something that just comes with age. Guess what, they’re not wrong. Hair loss and age go hand in hand because as we age the ability of our cells to perform their natural function becomes impeded. Hair growth and hair loss are both a function of hormone production and when we become older and our hormone levels begin to taper off the body ceases to produce hair in normal amounts. In some cases, this leads to...

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A Proven Treatment For Hair Loss

When we first opened our clinic back in 2011, I don’t believe that Dr. Lantelme and I could have ever anticipated how in demand hair-growth and hair-loss treatments would be.Now that I think about it though, it makes sense that patients would ask for ways to help promote hair growth.In my humble opinion, we do such a good job of making people feel great from the inside out, that they want their “outside” to match their inside.Plus, hair-loss is a medical issue. Did You Know Hair Loss is A Reversible Medical Issue?  There are a number of factors that can lead to hair loss. Fluctuations in hormone levels are a leading cause of hair loss. Age-related hair loss is usually...

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Why Almost Every Man Should Take Saw Palmetto

If you’re a guy and you want to experience peak health, then saw palmetto could help.I’m sure you’ve heard of saw palmetto before, I mean how could you not have heard of’s the third most popular herbal supplement sold on the market right now.But just because you’ve heard of saw palmetto might not mean you know the many positive reasons to take it. Which is why this article here, just for the guys on the list. Well, if you’re a woman and have a few men in your life you deeply care for you might benefit from reading this too. Four Good Reasons Every Man Should Take Saw Palmetto Many of the reasons men should add saw palmetto into their...

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