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Bad Estrogen (and how to fix it)

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones in the human body, and obviously incredibly influential in women’s health. And while estrogen is critical for optimal health… There are moments where estrogen levels can get out of control and negatively affect a woman’s health. Dr. Wiggy’s written about this condition, known as estrogen dominance, in a few blog posts.  And today, we’re going to recap what he’s written. What Is Estrogen Dominance Anyways? Estrogen levels are supposed to be in precise balance so that sexual function as well as normal function of the female’s endocrine system is balanced. When estrogen dominance occurs the body doesn’t necessarily make too much estrogen… but a lower production of progesterone can cause an imbalance...

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4 Easy Ways to Balance Hormones (Naturally)

When Dr. Lantelme, my partner at Health As It Ought To Be and the founder of our clinic Robinhood Integrative Health, first opened his practice the primary focus of the practice was to help patients balance hormones. Since we opened we’ve expanded the services we offer to patients, but have never strayed from helping them keep their hormone levels in balance. The reason why we focus on hormone balance is because hormones play an integral role in how our bodies function. These chemical messengers tell your body what to do. For example, estrogen provides signals for women to menstruate and human growth hormone does the obvious, and informs your body to grow. The health of your endocrine system (the system that...

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Why Pregnenolone Is So Important For Inflammation Support

I’d like to talk to you about the Big P. Pregnenolone. I call it the Big P here because pregnenolone is easily one of the most important chemicals in our bodies. Pregnenolone was one of the first bioidentical hormones we used here at Robinhood Integrative Health and the very first we made under Health As It Ought To Be. That’s not coincidence either. In the past few years I’ve spent a significant amount of time writing about pregnenolone. That’s true for a number of reasons, but the biggest two are pregnenolone is essential for the formation of many other hormones and because pregnenolone levels tend to decline with age. Both of those reasons are why I believe many people would...

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