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Can You Believe the Results Of These Vitamin K2 Studies?

In the past few years, I’ve probably written more about vitamin K-2 than I have any other vitamin. Or, for that matter, any other nutrient. There are a few reasons for my intense focus on vitamin K-2. The first is because the vast majority of Americans are deficient in vitamin K-2. This is an issue, as vitamin K-2 is essential in keeping your heart healthy as well as improving the health of your bones. Vitamin K-2 also helps to improve blood sugar levels so they remain in the healthy range. And vitamin K-2 has also been shown to boost immune function. Today, I want to direct your attention to another incredible benefit of vitamin K-2. Harnessing this unique power of...

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An Ancient Health Superstar

  I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I have a love/hate relationship with Western medicine. Obviously, as an MD, I love the fact our collective understanding of the human body and how it works has helped us devise ultra-effective medications and treatments that save millions of lives every year. On the flip side, I can’t stand the fact that many of the treatments we’ve devised come with harsh side effects… And that many of them cost tens of thousands of dollars. And I also am incredibly frustrated that Western medicine turns a blind eye to alternative methods for improving health.  That's why I find such value in the practice of integrative and functional medicine.  Now just so we’re clear,...

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The Harmful Conditions Vitamin D Has Been Shown To Help Fight

Vitamin D has been the subject of quite a bit of research lately, and for good reason.A few of the known positive attributes associated with vitamin D are:  Building and maintaining healthy bones Increasing immune function Helping improve cardiovascular health Maintaining blood sugar levels Now you can add another to the list. According to a UCSD study, vitamin D can conclusively help increase immunity.Researchers at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine announced in the journal PLOS One when a person had higher blood levels of vitamin D, it helped increase immunity.They also observed the inverse to be true; when a person had lower blood levels of vitamin D, it correlated into a poor immune health.Though this has been suspected within the...

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