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Guess What “Too Much” Coffee Does To You

  One of the beverages health professionals like myself are asked about frequently is coffee. Because coffee is a drug (well, caffeine is a drug) and it obviously has stimulatory properties, people can’t help but think it’s bad for you. Makes sense, right? If it makes your heart race and you can’t function without it then it’s got to be bad for you, right? Especially if you drink a lot of it through the day. Not so fast health conscious reader. The truth is because coffee is such a popular beverage (Americans drink 146 billion cups annually) it’s been the subject of a massive number of studies. In fact, It may be the most well-studied beverage on the planet, even more...

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Should You Really Be Buying Vitamin C?

I wanted to take a few moments to talk to y'all about one of the most well-known vitamins on the planet.Good ol' vitamin C.My guess is every single person reading this has some vitamin C in their house right now or has bought some in the past.Part of the reason vitamin C is so well-known is because it was one of the first vitamins ever discovered. It's also received major attention from researchers over the years. And while there's definitely a substantial amount of evidence to support many of its reputed health benefits, I just can't help but ask... Is Vitamin C Really Worth Buying?  If you've been following my writing for any amount of time, you know I'm a firm believer in utilizing...

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Milk Linked to Parkinson’s Disease?

This New Study Found a Possible Way Milk Is Linked to Parkinson’s Disease Just a few days ago, I wrote on the merits of adding coconut milk to your diet. If you’re already on the fence when it comes to dairy, then after reading this you really might want to rethink it as a fixture in your life. Heck, you’ll also want to rethink almost every food you eat…you’ll see why in a minute. As I’ve noted, there are a number of reasons not to drink dairy. Drinking milk, eating cheese, getting your curds and whey…all of it has the potential to disrupt your health. For example: It can cause excess mucous It can contribute to leaky gut syndrome It increases...

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