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Good Plants

In this article I’d like to take a second to talk about plant-based foods. In particular, I’d like to talk about a specific form of plant-based nutrient that come from plant-base known as “phytonutrients.” As many of my younger patients know, phytonutrient is the name of one of the marvel superheroes from the new Marvel Avengers movie.   Ok, that was a bad joke. Forgive me, I’m tired with a toddler who doesn’t sleep through the night.  Anyways, I’ve referenced phytonutrients plenty before, but I don’t think many people understand what they are.   That’s not really surprising. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you’re supposed to know about good health. Especially when it comes to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.  You...

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How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Medicine Chest

Want to avoid some of the most common health problems? Turn to food as medicine. Want to dodge the pitfalls associated with inflammation? Turn to food as medicine. Want to enhance bland and boring “healthy meals” while transforming your health in the process? Turn to food as medicine. I believe very strongly that food is indispensable in helping make people healthier.  And while I’ll never be one to discount the distinct advantages that certain drugs have in the treatment and prevention of many conditions...I know we’d see far fewer issues if people would eat well. This article will be a guide for growing some of the best anti-inflammatory foods right in your backyard, to help you become healthier.  Even if you...

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