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Walk THIS Exact Way For Better Blood Sugar

  If you’ve implemented even half of what I’ve recommended for blood sugar/weight loss then you’re well on your way to some serious health improvements. Think about it this way. If you’ve changed the way you eat… You’ve added supplements to your life that are scientifically shown to help improve blood sugar… And if you’ve gotten rid of dangerous chemicals that are shown to interfere with your gut bacteria and cause weight gain… Then you’re primed for some serious and radical health changes. If it weren’t so then I wouldn’t be recommending these kinds of things. However, your journey towards perfect blood sugar isn’t done just yet. In fact, the next piece of advice I’m going to give you is...

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A Stupid Simple Way to Instantly Improve Mood

All over the nation, millions and millions of Americans are down in the dumps.The sad truth is the number of people who struggle with depression and anxiety is at an all-time high. And because that’s true… the numbers of people taking drugs to stabilize their mood are also at an all-time high....

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One Exercise Everyone Can (and Should) Do

If you know me personally, you know I think exercise is an absolute essential for “Health As It Ought To Be” In my own life I exercise quite frequently. One reason I dedicated several days of the week to various types of exercise is because I enjoy the feeling I get by pushing my body. The second reason is obvious enough. I know across the board that exercise (combined with a healthy diet) is an almost guaranteed pathway to living a life where my health is at its highest levels. But here’s the thing. Not everyone can, or wants to exercise like I do. I get that. I used to play collegiate soccer for Wake Forest University, and since I was...

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