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This Could Help Prevent Some Dangerous Viruses

This Could Help Prevent Some Dangerous Viruses

While everyone is concerned about the coronavirus, some other viruses are getting far less attention, even though they are quite problematic.

These are mosquito-borne viruses.

The facts are that over a century ago the chances of a virus like coronavirus killing 200,000 Americans wouldn’t have phased many people.

And that’s because, at the time, the nation was being ravaged by various forms of mosquito-borne diseases that killed large percentages of city populations.

Over the course of several decades yellow fever claimed the lives of thousands and thousands of Americans yearly.

People were deathly afraid of how mosquitoes could kill them.

And there were no known treatments to help alleviate the suffering of those affected.

Fortunately, modern medicine has made it so many of these diseases don’t afflict us any longer.

Sadly, in some parts of the world, diseases like malaria, and dengue fever, still kill 400,000 - 700,000 people yearly.

The facts are that while we may not think we need to worry about mosquitoes any longer, they’re still a menace.

Here in North Carolina we deal with several different kinds of diseases that manifest as a result of mosquito bites: “There are several virus agents of encephalitis in the United States: West Nile virus (WN), eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), western equine encephalitis (WEE), St. Louis encephalitis (SLE), La Crosse (LAC) encephalitis, dengue and yellow fever all of which are transmitted by mosquitoes.”

While these diseases don’t cause harm to large swaths of the population like malaria does, no one wants to deal with the chance of succumbing to one of these viruses.

Bug Bites Can Be A Real Problem Especially for Children

We don’t tend to think of bug bites as being the pandora’s box for potential health problems.

Sadly that’s not the case.

As you learned above, mosquitoes can transmit all kinds of diseases.

Other insects can also pose problems, too,

Gnats, and chiggers, and other insects can deliver nasty bites that when scratched can lead to nasty infections.

Not to mention the fact that arachnids like ticks can also transfer pathogens that are responsible for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, you realize that the creepy crawlies of the world can present long-standing health issues that are best avoided. 

Raise Them Well Kid-Safe ToxicFree® 3 pack Bug Spray and Bite Relief can help to repel mosquitoes, gnats, and other potential health-compromising “bugs” off of your skin as well as the skin of children you love.

Utilizing a blend of essential oils known to push away these bugs, this Bug Spray delivers protection without delivering a dose of toxic chemicals.

In addition to that, should you or a child get bitten, the blend of soothing oils and Earth minerals can also provide near-instant relief for the affected area.

It’s clear to see that anything you can do to keep bugs off is going to be a boon for your health.

And based on the email we sent on Monday, as well as this article that Dr. Wiggy wrote,  you can’t depend on any-old bug spray to do the job, as many of them could do significant damage to your body.

So, even though summer is winding down, the facts are that next year bugs will be a problem you’re guaranteed to encounter.

Make the smart choice….



Talk soon,

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