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NeuroBiologix Methylation Complete - 120 Dissolvable Tablets

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The Methylation Complete formula contains the active form of folate, methylfolate and all of the necessary cofactors needed for optimal methylation.  This can be used as a stand alone supplement for those with MTHFR mutations.*

Our unique delivery system assures that our pharmaceutical grade Methylation Complete™ promotes and enhances the methylation processes needed to improve the production of glutathione, and allow maximum B12, B6 and 5-MTHF (bioactive and methylated form of folate) delivery to the nervous and immune systems. 

Fast-dissolving tablets allow for quick release into the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 and folate play an integral role in DNA synthesis and thus are essential to cell division and proper functioning of virtually all tissues in the body. Active B12 and Folate may be especially beneficial for persons who are vegetarian or with impaired gastrointestinal absorption due to aging, illness, surgery or a methylation deficiency. 

This fast dissolving tablet may help maximize and aid in:
  • Mood Improvement & Stabilization
  • Mental Focus & Concentration
  • Organization Skills
  • MTHFR / MTRR Mutations
  • Short Term Memory
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Immune Health

Supplement Facts

Directions: Place one tablet under the tongue or in the mouth twice daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
Allow 1-3 minutes for tablet to dissolve.

Recommended Dosage: 1 tablet under the tongue or in mouth twice daily - 1 tablet in AM, 1 tablet in PM 2-3 hours prior to bedtime.
Extra Dosages: 1 tablet three times daily - 1 tablet in AM, 1 tablet Mid-Afternoon, 1 tablet 3 hours prior to bedtime.
STORAGE: Keep in cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight or heat. Does NOT require refrigeration.
CAUTION: Consult with your healthcare practitioner on proper dosage for children under 5 years of age or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
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