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Berberine For Flu Season?

Berberine For Flu Season?

Every year people start to prepare for getting sick during flu season by stocking up on all kinds of the traditional treatment options.

They take Vitamin C…

They get the echinacea out.

And some people stock up on Theraflu, Vicks, Alka-Seltzer and more.

This season (fall/winter of 2020), there’s obviously other concerns involved with supporting the function of your immune system that factor in with helping to keep your body’s ability to fight infection at its level best.

So, since there are a number of different options to consider for helping to give your immune system some assistance in such a time…

We’re going to tell you why berberine might be one of the best all-natural therapies to turn to.

Seeing as how we’ve informed you about how to save money on berberine, let’s uncover what this incredibly well-studied supplement is able to do for you in terms of helping to shield you from days and nights of not feeling your best.


Berberine Has Got Some Powerful Health Supporting Properties

The thing about berberine that we love here at Health As It Ought To Be is just how versatile it is. 

If you’ve been receiving our emails for any amount of time, you know Dr. Wiggy loves berberine because of how it helps to influence blood sugar…

And, helps with weight loss, too!

Earlier this week we shared how taking berberine can help to boost the quality of bacteria in your microbiome. Which is pretty cool if you want to enhance your immune system.

Plus, it has the ability to keep your brain sharp and capable.

But today, we’re going to show you how it could possibly help your body maintain its natural resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Recent observations show that berberine may have some properties that help it control the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

A study from the Journal of Medical food published in 2005 showed that berberine had the ability to control the growth of several kinds of Staphylococcus bacteria

We also have a study that shows berberine helps to control the spread of a mosquito-borne virus that drug-makers don’t yet have a product for. 

And a study with mice shows that when berberine was given to mice exposed to influenza it helped to increase how well they survived the flu. It decreased mortality from 90% to 55% between the control and variant groups. 

So what does all this mean for you?

Well, berberine could support the function of a healthy immune system, so as the typical flu season rears its ugly head you’ll have an incredible tool in your belt that will help you fend off bad bugs.

And let’s not forget that if you’re using berberine for other purposes (i.e. blood sugar, weight loss, and heart health), that supporting those other aspects of health can also have a positive influence on your immune system too!

Berberine really is incredible and there’s little doubt that we’ll discover much more about its power to help you maintain great health!

Should You Take Berberine During Flu Season?

The answer is really up to you.

Dr. Wiggy is going to tell you this is one of the best supplements you can take for a variety of reasons (a few of them are listed above).

Then of course, there’s the fact studies show it’s got some power to help support your body’s immune system.


Talk soon,

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