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Better Than Tylenol For Pain?

Better Than Tylenol For Pain?

Tylenol is definitely one of those pain medicines that we all know is bad for us…

But sometimes you can’t get away from it because of how well it works.

The truth is that for many of us Tylenol really doesn’t need to be the item that we turn to in order to knock out temporary pain (like muscle aches and headaches).

Instead, based on what we know from experiences that customers report back to us and reviews is that if you want to tame that kind of pain you could also turn to the Magnesium Rub-on balm instead.

This is one of Dr. Wiggy’s favorite magnesium products because it smells great, is easy to apply and goes to work immediately.
We believe based on the science behind how magnesium works on pain… and the overwhelming evidence in clinical settings as well of hundreds of reviews this is definitely a product to turn to.

Now we’ll just prove it.

Don’t need proof? Then just click here and buy.

This item is popular and could sell out.

Why Magnesium Balm Is Great For Pain Relief

The first thing to talk about is pain and magnesium.

Not all pain is treatable with magnesium.

For instance, if you have an infection, say a toothache or a wound, magnesium will not help. To treat that kind of pain you need an analgesic (that’s a pain killer).

However, most of the kinds of pain people take Tylenol and Ibuprofen for are muscular pains.

Think headaches, muscle cramps, bruises, etc.

Magnesium is actually quite effective at helping with that kind of pain and that’s because it goes to work on achy muscle tissue.

Here’s how it works.

Here’s what Psychology Today writes about research into magnesium and pain relief.

“A major mechanism of pain is the excessive stimulation of a brain chemical called ‘NMDA. The few medications that help decrease and balance this pain-carrying neurotransmitter have the downside of causing significant side effects. Magnesium seems to settle down NMDA without the toxicity. The upside of magnesium is that it is very inexpensive (pennies a dose).”

There’s also the evidence that shows it blocks calcium in the muscle. The presence of calcium can cause muscles to tighten and cause pain. When you get extra magnesium into the body and have it balance out calcium levels it could absolutely help with muscle pain.

So if using something like magnesium (which is natural and absolutely essential for total health) sounds better than taking Tylenol for your temporary aches and pains we suggest you get the Magnesium Balm today.

Just apply it to the affected area (the neck and temples for headaches) and watch pain wither away.


Talk soon,


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