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Builds Muscle, Keeps You Full, Tastes Amazing

Builds Muscle, Keeps You Full, Tastes Amazing

One of the things that you’ll appreciate about Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily, is their commitment to giving you products that support your desire for better health.

It’s one thing for a doctor to tell you “if you want to lose weight you need to eat less.”

It’s another thing altogether for him to spend time away from the office developing products that actually help you support that goal.

But that’s exactly what you get with Momsanity Mom Fuel Protein Powder NATURAL VANILLA.

This great-tasting protein shake is an awesome drink that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

You can click here to add it to your cart, or you can read on below to see why this kind of meal replacement is so helpful at helping you build muscle and lose weight.

How Mom Fuel Protein Powder Helps You Hit Health Goals

Saying that a supplement like a protein shake could help you unlock the key to perfect health is a big statement.

But in a way, it’s actually kind of true.

Here’s what we mean.

For most Americans, the reason they’re not in quote on quote “perfect health” has to do with their diet.

Diet is one of the fundamental building blocks of health, and when your diet is off, either because you’re eating too much, too little, or not the right kind of food, it can wreak havoc in your life.

A protein shake like Mom Fuel Protein Powder can help you get your diet back on track.


First off it can help you eat less.

One of the benefits of protein shakes is their protein content helps to suppress your appetite. Protein is a dense nutrient that requires your body to recruit a massive amount of energy-using resources to breakdown and digest.

Because it requires all of that energy you’ll find that when you’ve eaten a high-protein meal it leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

This is known as satiation. 

You’ve certainly heard Dr. Wiggy write about it before, but if you want to learn more you can see this study on protein and satiation

The truth of the matter is satiation doesn’t just help you eat less…

It can help you lose weight.

It can do this in 3 ways.

The first is what we just mentioned: appetite suppression. No need to get too deep into how that works (suffice it to say, you eat less, you don’t put on as much weight).

The second way that a protein shake like this can help you lose weight is in the promotion of lean muscle mass.

When you gain lean muscle mass it promotes fat loss as a result. This doesn’t come without a little work, but because satiation provides you with extra energy (eating less helps to normalize blood sugar levels and stabilize energy) you’ll find that you might be keen to exercise a bit more which helps in the circular process of losing weight and building muscle.

Finally, Mom Fuel Protein Powder can help you lose weight since it’s non-allergenic.

Most protein powders sold today can create allergic reactions in the body which lead to inflammation. And inflammation is known to exacerbate issues that lead to weight gain.

That’s because inflammation can lead to poor nutrient absorption, leaky gut, hormone disruptions and more. 

We made Mom Fuel Protein Powder with non-allergenic pea protein so that you can eat it with confidence it’s not going to destroy your gut. Opting to use this over a dairy-base, or soy-base is going to help with the aforementioned weight-loss goals but also will help to keep your digestive system intact.


Talk soon,

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