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Goes On Your Skin & Helps Kill Pain Fast

Goes On Your Skin & Helps Kill Pain Fast

One of the things that most people like to do when they’re dealing with low, or mid grade pain is take some kind of pain pill.

They believe (and often rightly so) that when your body metabolizes that pain pill, it’ll send messages to your brain that the pain is no longer there.

They probably don’t think about it in quite that way, but that’s what they expect to happen.

That’s not a bad thing either… except for the fact that many times when you take a pain pill you’re ingesting chemicals that are known to be bad for your health. And, you’re sending those chemicals throughout your body when your main area of pain may be localized to just one area.

That’s where a topical solution like our Magnesium Body Balm can help you out.

Yes, magnesium is a chemical… but it’s not dangerous like so many of the chemicals that are in regular pain pills.

This chemical is essential for mental health, muscle health, heart health and more.

And as Dr. Wiggy’s written about before, it’s great at helping to quench pain by working directly at the site where your pain is originating.

We’ll talk a little more about that in a second.

The most important thing to know is where you can get it.

Our magnesium balm is only available 3 places.

Our online store.

Our physical store, and our Amazon store.

If you want to grab a tub just click here.

Why Dr. Wiggy Loves Magnesium Balm for Pain Relief

It’s not a secret that Dr. Wiggy loves magnesium.

It’s kind of a surprise he hasn’t named any kids magnesium

Dr. Wiggy loves magnesium for a bunch of different reasons… one of the most important being that so many of us are deficient in it.

Deficiencies may or may not lead to pain.

However, if you have a ton of muscle pain, headaches, and the like, magnesium can still help to quench that pain when you rub it directly on the affected area.

To summarize what Dr. Wiggy wrote in this article, if you’re aware of why you have pain in the first place, it’s possible to use this product to get rid of that pain.

Most people experience pain because of muscle tension and the failure of the body to allow the muscles to relax.

Magnesium helps to relax that tension. 

It does this by increasing blood flow into the muscles and in some instances bringing a brain chemical called “NDMA” into balance. When NDMA is brought under control it may lead to significant reductions in how your body experiences “felt pain.”

That’s kind of what Tylenol and Motrin do.

One tub of Magnesium can help to knock out pain all over your body.

If you need some convincing, follow this link and read the countless reviews our customers and patients have left about how it takes care of their pain.

You will not regret getting this pain-reliever in your hands. We promise,


Talk soon,
The team at Health As It Ought To Be

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