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How These Plant Extracts Give You Superior Antioxidant Support

How These Plant Extracts Give You Superior Antioxidant Support

Could you imagine how gross it would be to chew on the root of a tree for an hour?

Or, how nasty it may be to take a wadded up bunch of leaves and grind them into a powder and stick them behind your lip like a tobacco chewer does?

All we can say is “YUCK!”

That’s because even though plants carry all kinds of helpful nutrients inside of them, they also are filled with chemicals that taste terrible and in many instances, can harm you.

These chemicals are the plants natural self-defense mechanisms and are vital to their survival.

Which begs the question, if we’re able to use these plants to help support our health how do we go about using them on a daily basis without getting sick?  

The answer’s pretty simple, using modern practices we can isolate the good stuff in plant roots, leaves, stems and more and then start using them in highly concentrated extracts.

Dr. Wiggy believes that plant-based treatments are some of the best things to lean on for helping maintain great health.

And our Plantoxidants supplement provides you with some of nature’s most useful plant-based nutrients to help you in the pursuit of superior health.

There’s only one place you can find this exact blend of plants in these precisely controlled amounts and that’s here at Health As It Ought To Be.

Dr. Wiggy would argue there’s no better multi-spectrum antioxidant formula for the price, and for just a few cents a day you can help give trillions of cells in your body the boost they need to age gracefully and maintain peak function.

To grab a bottle simply follow this link.

And of course, as it’s almost Thanksgiving week, we’re going to give you a special deal on this free-radical fighting supplement.

What do Antioxidants Do For You?

We talk a lot about antioxidants and how they’re good for you, but do you actually understand what they do for you?

If you don’t, or need a refresher, then we’ll give you the scoop and you’ll see why Plantoxidants is such a great product to use.

Basically antioxidants help to prevent free radicals (which are unstable molecules) from stealing electrons from your cells. The science behind why they do this is complex, but all you need to know is if too many free radicals are hanging out in your body their electron stealing activity can result in damage to your DNA, cell membranes, and other parts of cells.

Harvard Health wrote this about how antioxidants end up helping your cells stay relatively safe from free radicals.

“Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving up some of their own electrons. In making this sacrifice, they act as a natural "off" switch for the free radicals. This helps break a chain reaction that can affect other molecules in the cell and other cells in the body. But it is important to recognize that the term "antioxidant" reflects a chemical property rather than a specific nutritional property.” 

Now remember this too, free radicals aren’t entirely bad.

In fact, we need them to grow “big and strong,” as they stress they exhibit actually helps with normal development.

But, when free radicals are in vast supply and left unchecked by antioxidants then they can become a problem.

And that’s where something like Plantoxidants supplement can help with free radical support.

The precise blend of plant-based extracts eliminates the need to eat disgusting roots and stems and lets you absorb concentrated doses of nature’s top antioxidants.

You can get a bottle to gain full-spectrum antioxidant support for your body…


Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be

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