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Is This A Good Reason Not To Be Vegetarian?

Is This A Good Reason Not To Be Vegetarian?

I think some people reading this email might have an issue with me calling into question the merits of vegetarianism

And truth be told, I'm OK with saying people shouldn't be vegetarian...

Especially considering the scientific data behind this advice.

Of course, I don't want you to think I'm insensitive to people's dietary needs or choices...

But just understand this - the article I'm writing about shows why vegetarian and vegan diets aren't always the best dietary lifestyles.

Especially if you're pregnant.

In an in-depth analysis of 11,216 pregnancies from eleven countries, the researchers discovered it's likely vegetarians had an increased risk of preterm birth (which is known to lead to increased infant mortality). 

The researchers who conducted this study believe this happened because vegetarian and vegan diets often lead to vitamin B12 deficiencies.

And as they conclude, vitamin B12 deficiencies might be linked directly to an increased risk of preterm birth.

Now I've mentioned before in other articles that B12 deficiencies are contributing factors to poor health.

But in this case, it would appear a B12 deficiency is actually deadly - at least for children who are born prematurely.

Here's what we know (and what women who are wishing to have children need to know) about B12 deficiencies and pregnancy:

According to the researchers, the "low levels of vitamin B12 in pregnant women did not appear to affect the newborn's birth weight. But we did find that vitamin B12 deficiency during pregnancy was associated with a 21 per cent increased risk of giving birth prematurely," said one of the authors.

And there's ample evidence showing preterm births cause half of all infant deaths in the first 28 days after birth

Which means women who are serious about having healthy children born as close to the due date as possible should boost their B12 consumption.

And I recommend people get their B12 from dietary sources as often as possible.

This is mainly because eating animal products helps you get the B12 your body desperately needs; it also supplements your body with essential nutrients, minerals, fats, etc.

Now I truly understand if eating meat is something you can't stomach - so I'm not going to belittle you for choosing to eat the way you do.

Fortunately, if you desire to get more B12 in your diet (whether you're pregnant or not), there is a meat-free way to do this. 

It involves supplementing with vitamin B12.

My professional recommendation is using a certain kind of B12 called methylcobalamin.

Methylcobalamin is the methylated form of B12. Most people (more than 50%) benefit from taking it over the regular cyanocobalamin, since it absorbs in the body at much higher rates.

That makes it much better for your health (and your pocketbook, too).

It's a top-seller in our store, and if you're pregnant or vegetarian/vegan (or just want a high-quality B12 for your health's sake) I highly recommend you get it.

Follow this link or click on the image below to get yours today.





Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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