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More Cool Facts about Black Cumin Seed

  There’s a supplement that we carry that has a weird name. But don’t let that weird name fool you… it is not a spice used for tacos. Black cumin seed is a food-based supplement though. So, if you want to use it in your diet to add new and unique flavors to your meals, have at it. Here’s an article on using black cumin seed for recipes. However, we sell it as an immune-modulating supplement. As we wrote about earlier in the week in “King Tut’s Favorite Healing Therapy?”, there is a wide-swath of evidence showing black cumin seed is incredibly adept at supporting immune health. 3 Great Reasons to Take Black Cumin Seed Obviously, if you want to...

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This Is Your Best Friend For Detox (not a supplement)

Detox. An abbreviation for a popular health trend. Now let me be clear, detox (or detoxification) isn’t just a health trend, it’s a vital function for great health. If your body didn’t detoxify yourself of the millions of microscopic toxins floating through your body you’d be quite sick. This is why detox has become a well-known health trend. Popular culture as well as the medical field have realized we’re under attack all day long by thousands of dangerous compounds and we’re trying to do all that we can to make sure these dangerous elements don’t harm us. Which is why people are selling teas, and juices, and advocating hot yoga among many other practices; all are supposed to enhance your...

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One Of My Favorite Low Cost Supplements Of All Time

If you've ever been to our office, then you know we have a store where we offer our patients a wide variety of supplements at a low cost. Now I think this should go without saying, but I feel the need to emphasize the following:None of the physicians who practice in our office set off on a journey of becoming a doctor just so they could sell supplements. Seriously, when we began medical school, and went through residency, rotations, and all that good stuff it wasn't just so we could sell a handful of supplements to our patients.We just want to see people get better, and because we have an aversion to relying exclusively on pharmaceuticals to manage sickness, we advise supplements to correct issues from...

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