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More Cool Facts about Black Cumin Seed

More Cool Facts about Black Cumin Seed

There’s a supplement that we carry that has a weird name. But don’t let that weird name fool you… it is not a spice used for tacos.

Black cumin seed is a food-based supplement though.

So, if you want to use it in your diet to add new and unique flavors to your meals, have at it.

Here’s an article on using black cumin seed for recipes.

However, we sell it as an immune-modulating supplement.

As we wrote about earlier in the week in “King Tut’s Favorite Healing Therapy?”, there is a wide-swath of evidence showing black cumin seed is incredibly adept at supporting immune health.

3 Great Reasons to Take Black Cumin Seed

Obviously, if you want to go about your daily life and enjoy it fully then you want to maintain a healthy immune system.

And black cumin seed is one of the more popular supplements for immune support.

While it doesn’t have the depth of studies that something like vitamin C does, there are some bonafide studies to show how great black cumin seed is for immune system modulation.

Check it out.

1 - Helps Maintain a Healthy Liver:

The operation of a healthy immune system is dependent on a healthy liver.

Your liver is supposed to detoxify your blood and excrete dangerous toxins so that your body can function properly.

A healthy liver helps your body decide which nutrients your body should process, which ones should be stored in your body, and then it helps determine which nutrients should be eliminated in a bowel movement and which ones should go back into circulation in your blood.

Black cumin seed has been shown to help support healthy liver function. 

Though this study wasn’t done in humans, a recent animal model study showed that when animals were given black cumin seed it helped to protect healthy liver function.

That’s a huge benefit for maintaining a healthy body.

2 - Assists the Body In Defending Pathogens:

The immune system is the front line of our body’s defense against infection.

While there’s no guarantee that a healthy immune system will keep us free from illness (in fact, we need to get sick so we can strengthen our immune system), we can be comforted knowing a healthy immune system is what will help us rebound quickly from an illness.

Studies show that taking black cumin seed will help support a healthy immune response to infection.

Meaning in the event you get sick for a while, black cumin seed may help the body recover faster and better than normal.

In a study by Pakistani scientists, they studied what black cumin seed would do when applied to several strains of bacteria in vitro (in a petri dish).

The scientists showed that the black cumin seed helped to keep the bacteria from spreading out of control.

There are also studies showing that black cumin seed can help the body’s immune system resist yeast, mold, and fungus infections from overtaking the body.

The study was conducted by the Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and they were able to show in their study that black cumin seed had serious antifungal effects, which helps support the body’s immune system to resist yeast infections.

3: Helps Assist With Healthy Weight Control

As Dr. Wiggy has pointed out over and over again, one of the easiest ways to keep your immune system healthy is by maintaining a healthy weight.

When a person is overweight it impedes multiple factors related to immune health. And that’s why it’s critical to maintain a healthy weight.

Black cumin seed has been shown to do that.

In fact, a major medical journal illustrated that black cumin seed was one the most effective natural remedies on the planet for helping keep people at a healthy weight!

There’s plenty of evidence showing black cumin seed helps with weight maintenance.

As Dr. Axe writes: “a 2018 study in systematic review and meta-analysis published in the findings of at least 11 placebo-controlled clinical trials that reveal the ability of a black seed supplement to help lower body weight.

Supplementation was shown to decrease body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. It’s also important to note that there were no serious side effects of black seed supplementation reported in any of the studies”.


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