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  • 8 Ways to See If You’re Deficient in Magnesium
    May 31, 2023

    8 Ways to See If You’re Deficient in Magnesium

    Human health and flourishing is one of the most complicated formulas (if you could call it that) in the known universe.While some people take offense to the exceptional nature of humanity, I believe that the human body and the biological...

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  • 5 Benefits of Frankincense
    November 3, 2022

    5 Benefits of Frankincense

    It’s Jesus’s birthday in a few weeks. Actually, we don’t really know if he was born on December 25th or not, but the fact remains that after he was born three Magi (or wisemen) showed up bearing gifts to give...

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  • Relaxes Muscle While Improving Mood
    June 21, 2021

    Relaxes Muscle While Improving Mood

    Ever have a bunch of pain throughout your body and discover that it affects the rest of your day pretty negatively? This is bound to happen when your muscles are sore. All that pain radiates throughout your body and can...

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  • Weird, Really Weird
    February 4, 2021

    Weird, Really Weird

    You might think what we’re about to tell you is weird, really weird. We think you should take a “smelly horse” today. You read that correctly, in fact, everyone should take a “smelly horse”. The reason why is we think...

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