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This Grape = A Drug?

This Grape = A Drug?

Would you take a grape that’s also a drug?

Probably not, although people would argue that alcohol made from grapes is like taking a drug...

But that’s not what we’re talking about.

Instead, we’re talking about how a special kind of grape, called the Muscadine grape, is actively being researched by medical universities so they can isolate some of the powerful compounds and turn them into a full-blown pharmaceutical.

The local university here in Winston-Salem, Wake Forest University, is pouring millions of dollars into researching muscadine grape extract to see how it can be used in specific disease treatments.

But, they’re years away from creating that drug, and it’s likely that you’ll never need to take it anyways.

Especially if you start taking Muscadine Grape Extract now to help support various aspects of health.

The muscadine grape is native to the Southeastern United States and is a grape like no other. It’s loaded with dozens of health-maintaining compounds that you won’t find in your regular old grocery store.

And we’ve isolated the best part of the muscadine grape and put it in an easy to swallow capsule.

Many people who use it, love it.

Check this testimonial out.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of antioxidants and a longtime user of muscadine grape seeds & skins supplements. I was pleased to find a local supplier of such with North Carolina sourced muscadine. My satisfaction with the Health As It Ought To Be product will lead me to consider other supplements from this supplier.

We have many more like that.

You can get yours here as well as see just what it can do for you below.

Grab yours here.

How Muscadine Grape Extract Can Support Awesome Health

It’s one thing to say muscadine grape extract will help treat a particular disease, like the researchers at Wake Forest are hoping to achieve.

It’s another to say that if you take this regularly and fill your body with the antioxidants it contains that you may feel your best for years to come and avoid all kinds of scary health outcomes later.

So, what does muscadine grape extract even do? How is it special?

Muscadine grapes contain over 70 distinct polyphenols (which are plant-based nutrients) that have been shown in numerous studies to help positively influence health.

For instance, if you’re trying to resist the signs of aging, and support the health of your heart, muscadine grapes are a great resource

That’s because they contain 6x the amount of resveratrol as regular grapes, and resveratrol is one of the top antioxidants for anti-aging. Plus, they offer trans-resveratrol which is the best kind of resveratrol you can take.

If you want to keep your cells healthy, you’ll appreciate that it has a ton of free radical fighting ellagic acid in it. This is significant because no other grape has ellagic acid, and your body soaks it up and uses it to fight off those microscopic antagonists.

Overall, muscadine grape extract is superior to other grapes in the total number of antioxidants it contains is almost 40x over other grape varieties.

And that means every capsule you take infuses your body with their health-stabilizing qualities. 

One last reason you’ll like the extract is because finding muscadine grapes for consumption is next to impossible. Muscadine grapes aren’t frequently found in grocery stores… and that means if you want to attain their health-profiting qualities, a capsule that has all those compounds concentrated in 1 spot is a great choice.

Check out more reviews of our brand of Muscadine Grape Extract and grab a bottle here. 


Talk soon,
Dr. The Team At Health As It Ought To Be

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