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This Supplement Helps Ease Pain After Tough Yard Work

This Supplement Helps Ease Pain After Tough Yard Work

Some people enjoy yard work. Others know that if they don’t do it their anxiety will kick in.

And still others only do it because they know that the city will have something to say to them if they don’t.

Whatever camp you fall in, the truth about yard work is although it makes your house look better it can leave your body feeling worse for wear. All that kneeling, leaning over, pushing and pulling can put some serious strain on your muscles.

That’s why we think it’s a great idea to have something on hand to help deal with the sore muscles you’ll develop after a hard day working in the yard.

So whether you just finished mowing your lawn, or spent a few hours pulling weeds, you’ll be able to apply this miracle rub (according to Dr. Wiggy it’s miraculous) to dull your aching muscles.

The miracle rub in question is our Magnesium Body balm.


Awesome product!

This is such a great product... I actually cannot believe it works! Use it on sore muscles, painful joints, or just to relax. It's also incredible on leg cramps!

Go here to add it to your cart ASAP. Please keep in mind this is a very popular item and could sell out at any time so we suggest you grab it as soon as you possibly can.

Why Magnesium Balm Is So Great For Sore Muscles

You have to question whether or not something as simple as a magnesium based body balm can actually provide miraculous results.

Well, it’s definitely not going to take away level-10 pain. But for the kinds of aches and pains you’d encounter after spending some time in the yard (or simply from being old) it really is pretty amazing.

Magnesium, as you may not know, is a natural muscle relaxant.

It doesn’t necessarily work like medical-grade muscle relaxants.

What it does is act on the chemical messengers that cause muscles to tighten and induces them to relax. 

Ryan Raman, MS, RD writes:

“...magnesium acts as a natural calcium blocker to help muscles relax.

In your muscles, calcium binds to proteins such as troponin C and myosin. This process changes the shape of these proteins, which generates a contraction.

Magnesium competes with calcium for these same binding spots to help relax your muscles.

If your body doesn’t have enough magnesium to compete with calcium, your muscles may contract too much, causing cramps or spasms [or tension].

For this reason, magnesium is commonly recommended to treat muscle cramps.”

This is why Dr. Wiggy recommends it over NSAIDs and acetaminophen.

The cause of the vast majority of people’s daily aches and pains results from this kind of cramping. And that’s especially true for the kinds of cramps that originate from hard work.

Best of all isn’t just that the Magnesium Balm helps relax muscles… (well, maybe that is the best part)... it’s that the ingredients that are added into the balm also help to moisturize skin and also help to support making skin appear fresh and young.

We know a lot of the people who buy the Magnesium Balm purchase it for that reason, too.  

I wish I could give this more stars, I won't be without this product ever

This helps my extremely dry skin. I bought a bottle to help my son as well. He is 11 and has similar skin issues as I do. We can both tell a difference in our skin. We love it.

Talk soon,


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