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Why Berberine Is 1 Of The Best Supplements For Your Brain

Why Berberine Is 1 Of The Best Supplements For Your Brain

Berberine is one of Dr. Wiggy’s favorite supplements in the whole world.

That’s a pretty significant thing to say, right?

Well, when something works as well as berberine does for a ton of crucial health issues you start to see why board-certified doctors like Dr. Wiggy as well as Dr. Lantelme tell their patients as well as their family and friends to make berberine part of their life.

The fact of the matter is berberine is great for blood sugar, for heart health, for your brain and more.

That’s why they’ve invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in development of a superior form of berberine and making sure as many people as possible know just how good it is.

And now that we’ve covered that let’s talk a bit more about why berberine isn’t just worthwhile for blood sugar and weight management… but how it also helps your brain. 

Berberine for Brain Health? Here’s Why It Works

In our email we sent earlier this week we briefly discussed why berberine is useful for brain health.

We didn’t get too deep into how it works (and we won’t here - but we’ll link research for you)... but we wanted to highlight why you might be interested in taking it for the health of your noggin.

The first thing to know is because berberine can help promote healthy blood sugar levels as well as keeping your waistline and heart healthy, this actually facilitates the support of superior brain health.

Take what Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation says about berberine and brain function.

“There is no clinical evidence that berberine prevents cognitive decline or Alzheimer's disease. Preliminary evidence from clinical trials suggests that it can help to [support therapy for] type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure  Because these conditions raise the risk of poor brain health in old age, managing them may indirectly help promote better long-term cognitive health but other available therapies may be more effective and reliable.”

In addition to that, berberine can also help keep your brain safe from agents known to impair function.
In 2015 study researchers published a paper in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior that showed berberine had the power to act as an antioxidant and help support the brain in its fight against oxidative stress.

The same study showed that berberine was also particularly effective at preventing toxins from harming the brain. As toxins form an extreme threat against us in this modern day and age, anything you can do to help keep them from affecting brain function is a good thing.

The modern world provides many opportunities to consume toxins whether it is from airborne pollution, foods we eat, or simply accidental injury. The studies suggest berberine can help to retain memories even in the presence of toxins within the brain.

In addition to that, some studies have shown that when berberine works to maintain healthy blood sugar levels it can help your memories remain intact.

A 2013 study of people with known blood sugar control issues showed that berberine helped to prevent degradation of memory quality and cognitive function. Apparently, berberine can help the brain remain more plastic (and improperly managed blood sugar is known to interfere with neuro-plasticity) which helps you maintain a sharp and powerful mind.

And as we mentioned in the previous email, berberine can even act as a nootropic. explains how berberine creates this effect

“Berberine can up-regulate a compound called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which acts as fertilizer for the brain to develop new neurological connections. Not only does BDNF help increase learning ability and general cognitive abilities, but also ...[can help people recover from temporary bouts with moodiness]...  The same study increased stressors on animals and found that berberine could reduce cortisol (a hormone associated with stress).”

It’s quite clear that berberine is an amazing substance to take to preserve brain health - at any age!


Talk soon,

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