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Why Our Ashwagandha is BETTER

Why Our Ashwagandha is BETTER

Ashwagandha is one of the first herbs that we started manufacturing on our own.

Dr. Wiggy began investigating the power of ashwagandha to improve responses to stress, aid in sleep, and promote a number of other health benefits several years ago.

Ashwagandha is not new to the nutritional supplement scene, either. For thousands of years people have used it to help boost various aspects of health.

In the past decade, manufacturers began to encapsulate it and sell it to consumers to help deliver on the promises that its adaptogenic properties can form a protective barrier around our cells.

Much of what these companies sell works well…

But in the recent past we’ve discovered (well, researches have) how to isolate one of the compounds in ashwagandha to help deliver maximum health support.

Our Ashwagandha 7% Withanolides 1 Cap Daily Formula - offers you 7% withanolides for superior health-boosting benefits.

The 7% withanolide forumation is far better than the standard ashwagandha capsule offers.

If you take an ashwagandha you want ours because it’s better at giving you what you need to resist stress across a myriad of pathways.

Why Your Ashwagandha Needs to Provide Exceptionally High Levels of Withanolides

Withanolides are compounds that are found almost entirely in ashwagandha. There are other plants that have them, but we like ashwagandha the best.

They are the active agents that come from the leaf, the root, the stem, etc, that your body recognizes and works with in order to get the full effect of this adaptogenic supplement.

By its very nature, ashwagandha doesn’t have an incredibly high withanolide content by weight.

Which means that if you were to take a standard ashwagandha product the withanolide content would be far lower than one where standardized extracts are added back in.

Most supplemental ashwagandhas only give you 0.5% to 3% withanolide content. That’s an approximation based on what we know about research in manufacturing processes.

Since that’s a relatively low amount we stepped up our game and gave you 7%. Meaning 7% by weight of our capsule is withanolide extract. Which Is up to 800% more than competitors provide.

But simply knowing that we have more withanolide in our product doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not aware of what they do, right?

Withanolides are known as steroidal lactones, which means they are the biologically active chemical constituents from ashwagandha plants. The way they help support health is by helping to support how your body responds to inflammation, modulates stress and even affects your metabolism.

There are about 40 kinds of withanolides, each with different mechanisms of action.

One of them called withanolide A (which comes from the root and the leaf of the plant) has been shown in animal studies to support stress management as well as maintaining healthy immune function regulation.

And when taken from the leaf there are even protective qualities on the body’s cells themselves.

Another withanolide, glycowithanolide, has been shown to be exceptional at combating stress and supporting neural function which can lead to the prevention of future brain issues.

With an additional 38 withanolides available in ashwagandha, and our supplemental form being 7% by weight, you’re getting a tremendous matrix of all-natural, health-supporting compounds in 1 easy-to-swallow-capsule.

Patients and customers do very well with supporting mood, stress and sleep when they take ashwagandha.

Which is why many of our patients set up subscribe and save on this product.

You can get a bottle for yourself here.

Talk soon,


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