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Why We Use This Amino Acid For Heart Health

Why We Use This Amino Acid For Heart Health

Chances are you don’t think much about amino acids.

Typically the only people who do are doctors, researchers, and bodybuilders.

And a secondary truth is you shouldn’t have to think about amino acids. Yes, they’re important, but spending time thinking about them likely won’t do you a lick of good when it comes to supporting great health.

However, you should definitely consider taking them for helping your heart remain healthy, especially the one we’re about to give you the details on.

The fact remains that amino acids, which are essential for building proteins which help form vital structures in your body, are needed for superior health.

And one amino acid, in particular, is so influential in cardiovascular health that we’ve incorporated it into our Circulation Syn3rgy supplement. 

Why L-Arginine Is So Beneficial For Heart Health

The heart is an incredible muscle. From the moment we enter the world it never stops working. There are very few systems in the body that work this hard and require so much of us to function properly.

Everything that goes into our body influences heart health. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, even the world we see.

And L-arginine, 1 of the 20 amino acids that you can get from dietary sources, is an integral component of heart health. 

What’s so important about L-arginine in regards to heart health you may wonder?

It’s a great question. You can think of L-arginine as one of the master chemicals associated with healthy blood flow. Oxygen-rich blood is only as good as the circulatory system that moves blood through the body.

L-arginine plays a specific role in the synthesis of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is what’s needed to relax blood vessels so that they can expand and facilitate the movement of blood through the body.

When L-arginine levels are low it can cause constriction on circulatory pathways and this can prevent organs in the body from operating effectively. 

The complication is there’s reason to believe as most people age the effectiveness of our bodies at converting NO in the linings of the arteries actually decreases. And if that happens it may impede circulatory function.

That’s why obtaining additional L-arginine through diet or supplementation is so helpful. Ingesting more can help to positively improve endothelial function and this is necessary to maintain a healthy heart.

Additionally, there’s research to show that taking L-arginine may help your body respond positively to inflammation, which can help to support cardiovascular health. Then there’s evidence to show that it’s also helpful in modulating how the body responds to insulin. It may help to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. By allowing more glucose to enter cells, it can have a positive effect on blood sugar which is a known factor in supporting healthy cardiovascular function. 

L-arginine’s layered use-cases are why Dr. Wiggy and Dr. Lantelme decided to pair it with beetroot juice extract and Horse Chestnut; two ingredients that work synergistically with this amino acid to retain the normal function of the circulatory system.


Grab Yours Today!

Circulation Syn3rgy’s custom blend of ingredients are all-natural and scientifically shown to aid in supporting a healthy circulatory system.

This product has tons of 5-star reviews because of how much people enjoy the effect it has on their lives.

We believe you will too.


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