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Raise Them Well Children's Chewable Multivitamin with All-Natural Colors, Flavors, and Sweeteners

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  • All-natural colors, flavors, and sweeteners.
  • Healthy bone and teeth formation with Vitamin K2 MK-7*
  • L-5-Methylfolate for healthy brain and nervous system*
  • No sugar. Uses only xylitol and monk fruit for sweeteners.
  • Incredible strawberry flavor that kid's love

Finally a chewable children's vitamin that tastes great and isn't full of junk. At Raise Them Well our goal has been to produce high quality, natural products for busy families. One of the most common questions we get is when are you going to make a kid's multivitamin. Well... you have to wait no longer.

Our Children's Multivitamin was developed by a physician and uses only the highest quality ingredients and only the most bio-available forms of vitamins.

For example we use Vitamin K2 instead of K1, methylfolate instead of folic acid, and methylB12 instead of cyanoB12.

We also use only all-natural sweeteners such as xylitol and monk fruit without any sugar. Our kids love the strawberry flavor and we hope your kids will too.

1. How does your vitamin taste so sweet if there's no added sugar?

We use monk fruit, a natural sugar substitute made from the fruit itself, to sweeten our Children’s Chewable Vitamins. It adds natural sweetness but no calories or sugar and does not promote tooth decay.

2. How much added sugar does a typical children’s vitamin contain? 

Other vitamins available today may contain as much as 5 grams of sugar to make them attractive to children. Unfortunately, this added sugar has harmful effects on children’s teeth and actually interferes with the proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Raise Them Well Children’s Chewable Vitamins contain monk fruit - a natural sweetener without added calories or sugar - so your kids get the maximum benefit from every chewable tablet.

3. Why is your vitamin a chewable, not a gummy?

Gummy vitamins tend to be very inconsistent and do not meet our quality standards for several reasons.

First, it is challenging to control ingredient amounts with gummy vitamins and maintain a chewy consistency. Studies show that gummy vitamins often do not contain the amount of nutrients they claim. That is why many companies spray the outside of the gummy with the vitamins and nutrients.

Gummy vitamins also tend to lack stability, so potency decreases over time. To combat this, companies will spray additional nutrients on the outside so that they still contain active amounts of the ingredients listed on the bottle by the end of the vitamin's shelf life. Not very accurate.

In addition, gummy vitamins are full of added sugar, sticky, and adhere to the teeth, which can cause cavities.

Chewable vitamins are more stable, and we can ensure accuracy in the amount of nutrients in each dose.

4. How bad is the sugar epidemic?

In the last 20 years, youth prediabetes has more than doubled, rising from 11.6% of children being diagnosed as prediabetic in 1999 to 28.2% by 2018. More than 1 in 4 children have prediabetes and may not even realize it!

Sadly, many children are not diagnosed until it has advanced to Type 2 Diabetes. A recent study has found that the progression from prediabetes to Type 2 Diabetes can occur in under a year.

Sugary drinks and snacks, lack of activity, poor relationships with food, and psychological factors contribute to this growing health issue. And recent school closures in response to the pandemic have accelerated the adverse health outcomes of this serious health concern.

Weight, or Body Mass Index (BMI), is a major contributing factor to developing Type 2 Diabetes. And a recent CDC study of 432,302 children ages 2-19 found that “the monthly rate of increase in BMI nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with a pre-pandemic period.”

5. How healthy is your vitamin?

The Raise Them Well Children’s Chewable Vitamins include all the vitamins and minerals that kids need (20 in all) and nothing they don’t.

It contains no artificial colors, flavors, fillers, preservatives, or processed sugar. It’s also vegetarian, gluten-free, and has no yeast, wheat, eggs, dairy products, or nuts.

We use the highest quality ingredients and the most bioavailable sources of each vitamin to ensure our kid’s vitamin delivers maximum health benefits.

6. Does my child really need a daily vitamin?

Unfortunately, yes. We also wish our boys could get all the nutrients they need from food sources. However, even with a well-rounded diet, our food sources aren’t what they used to be.

Giving your child a high-quality daily vitamin like Raise Them Well Children’s Chewables ensures that kids get the nutrients they need. 

7. Do your kids’ vitamins contain any allergens?

Knowing how challenging and stressful it can be to select products for your child with allergies, this was top of mind for us when developing our products. We created our products to be free from all Top 8 Allergens with no chance of cross contamination.

Raise Them Well Children’s Chewable Multivitamins contain no yeast, wheat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, processed sugar, artificial coloring, or artificial flavoring. In addition, our kids’ vitamins are vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free, and Certified Toxic-Free.

8. Do your kids' vitamins include preservatives?

Because we ship our vitamins fresh to you, they do not need added preservatives to extend the amount of time they can sit on store shelves. Our vitamins do not contain added preservatives or any other ingredients that do not promote the health of growing bodies.

9. What are your kids' vitamins made with?

The Raise Them Well Children’s Chewable Vitamins uses the highest quality sources of vitamins available, and the labels are 100% transparent on the sources of each vitamin.

Why do your kids’ vitamins contain more Vitamin C than the FDA’s recommended Daily Value (DV)?

It’s important to remember that Daily Values are the minimum amount of a vitamin considered to meet the daily needs of most healthy individuals rather than the optimal levels. It does not consider the increased demands of children’s rapidly developing bodies.

Dr. Wiggy formulated our vitamins to provide the optimum levels of vitamins and nutrients for children. In particular, Vitamin C is essential for the growth, development, and repair of the body’s tissues and for maintaining a strong immune system.

10. Why do your kids’ vitamins contain more Vitamin E than the FDA’s recommended Daily Value (DV)?

Our kids' vitamins contain more Vitamin E than the FDA’s recommended Daily Value for these reasons:

  1. The FDA's recommended Daily Value is the minimum amount of a nutrient needed to prevent disease in the average healthy individual. It does not address times when individuals have higher needs - such as during growth phases or when recovering from an illness. We are not trying to merely prevent disease but to optimize health.

  2. Most foods containing the vitamins/minerals necessary for healthy growth and development have become depleted over time. So kids’ diets need to be supplemented to ensure they get these nutrients.

  3. We have found that certain vitamins/minerals tend to be more depleted than others, and Vitamin E is among them. Vitamin E is essential for the eyes, brain, and skin.

    11. What happens if I have unused vitamins when my next delivery arrives?

    Continue using your vitamins until they run out unless they are past the expiration date. If you have a subscription, you can always adjust the date.

    12. What ages should take your multivitamin?

    Our multivitamin is recommended for kids ages four and up. However, some parents choose to give one chewable to children younger than four. Always consult your physician before giving supplements or medications to your child.

    13. Is your multivitamin appropriate for both boys and girls?

    Yes. Boys and girls have similar nutritional needs until they reach their mid-teens. Please consult your physician before giving supplements to your child.

    14. When should I give my kids their vitamins?

    It’s great to give your kids their vitamins whenever you are most likely to remember consistently. For many parents, breakfast is a great time to have kids take their vitamins.

    15. Where are your kids’ vitamins manufactured?

    We manufacture our kids’ vitamins in the United States. 

    16. Are your kids’ vitamins 3rd party tested for accuracy and health?

    Yes! Each kids’ vitamin batch is 3rd party tested at the manufacturing facility and an external site.

    17. Are you saying other kids’ vitamin labels might be inaccurate?

    Yes. Gummy vitamins and those not tested by outside parties can be inaccurate. For example, DNA tests of some popular store brands found that 79% (more than 3 out of 4) did not contain the ingredients listed on the labels.

    Choosing vitamins that a 3rd party independently tests helps to ensure that what’s on the label is actually in the product you receive.

    And even when the labels are accurate, vitamins that don’t use the most bioavailable ingredients have less than optimal absorption. Unfortunately, this means your kids may not be getting any benefit from the vitamins they are taking.


    The Best, Most Natural Kids Multivitamin

    We love our kids, and we want to ensure they remain healthy their entire lives.
    One of the best things you can do to help your kids be healthy later in life is to give them healthy foods when they’re younger...

    What Makes Our Children's Multivitamin Different?

    "Please make a Children's Multi-Vitamin!".  We received this request quite often for YEARS!  Honestly, it had been on the top of my list too.  I hadn't loved any of the choices on the market and for quite a while we just didn't take vitamins because either the ingredients were lacking OR they basically were glorified candy...

    Supplement Facts

    Other Ingredients: xylitol, dextrates, natural flavor and color, stearic acid, magnesium vegetable stearate and monk fruit extract