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Pretty Cool Anti-GMO Victory To Report

Pretty Cool Anti-GMO Victory To Report

Let me just level with you on GMOs.

A lot of people with a great amount of authority will declare GMOs are quite safe for you. Top researchers, scientists, and medical doctors will stand by their claims concerning GMOs and their safety.

On the other hand, there have been a number of studies indicating the safety of GMOs is certainly in question.

The reasoning for this is severalfold.

GMO foods haven't undergone rigorous testing to prove their safety for humans; in fact, the studies we have promoting the claim "GMOs are safe" were often done on rats for a total of three months or so. These studies are generally performed when the rats are young, and further testing is never performed to see how they've fared while ingesting GMO foods.

Additionally, we don't know how GMOs affect the fetus during pregnancy, we don't understand how they perform in humans after a few years (much less decades), and there have been reports of rampant fraud in publications claiming GMOs are safe.

All I can say about GMOs is the jury is out regarding if they're safe or not.

My belief is the easiest way to avoid worrying about their safety is just to avoid GMOs altogether.

This alone can prove to be quite difficult, as most food manufacturers won't disclose whether their goods contain GMOs, or use GMO ingredients.

Fortunately, there are a number of companies who are listening to consumers and their demands to know what's in their food.

Many of these consumers might not even be anti-GMO; they just want to be informed about what they're eating.

Makes sense, right? If you spend money on food, you'd like to know what's in it.

Well, I'm happy to report one of the largest food corporations in the world has declared they will no longer carry foods containing GMOs.

Del Monte recently announced their decision to no longer produce foods containing GMO products.

Natural News writes:

Meanwhile, Del Monte is also stepping away from GMOs across 154 products including vegetables, fruit cups and most tomato products – these will now be labeled accordingly, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about what goods they purchase.

According to Del Monte, as reported by Fortune, "These moves, which represent a majority of the company's products, come as a direct response and commitment towards meeting the evolving preferences of many consumers."

The Del Monte website states that "in 2016, we will be labeling all of our vegetables, fruit cups and many more tomato products as non-GMO. In addition, efforts are currently underway with our suppliers to verify their ingredients' non-GMO status, and, where necessary, to assure a consistent supply of replacement ingredients in order to label our remaining qualified products as non-GMO."

This is fantastic news for millions of Americans who simply want to know what's in their food.

My hope is the controversy surrounding GMO safety becomes clearer soon.

Remember this, too: just because your food isn't GMO doesn't mean it's always safe to eat. Both conventional non-GMO and organic foods are treated with pesticides. This means you should do your best to wash fruits and veggies several times over before consumption to remain safe.

I hope this article gives you some hope, as well as some food for thought.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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